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29 Replies to “How To Meal Prep For A Keto Diet | Steak & Ground Sirloin”

  1. So, 2 weeks into keto and intermittent fasting and loss zero weight. I eat around 1400-1500cal/day. I sleep alright and drinks minimum 3L of water/day. Any thoughts? I used myfitnesspal and from what I can see, sometimes my carb was really low, less than 15g/day. Is It possible that this is the reason I'm not losing any weight?

  2. Is this meal prep for 3 days (lunch and dinner)? I'm relatively new to your channel but I've been really thinking of giving this diet a shot. This series has been great. Keep it up

  3. Only found this channel recently & it's already one of my favorites. Great tips, info & personality. Keep up the awesome work dude.

    Shout out from New Zealand

  4. Hey man , i felt REALLY bad i was doing shoulders and legs , i felt really bad so i cut it in half and haven't done the legs . I feel really bad that i wasn't able to do it . Have you ever had these kinda moments? If you have what have you done , have you cut your training ? I feel really guilty…

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