MTCs from coconut and palm oil can help you adapt more smoothly or completely wreck your stomach?

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  1. How often should someone be adding mct oil to their tea? I bought it for bulletproof coffee but came across your video about why bulletproof coffee is bad. I've been using decaf which I know you said is still bad. I drink lots of tea anyways so I don't mind skipping the coffee all together and just adding the mct oil to my tea. Also are their teas I should avoid? What is the best tea to use?

  2. I'm glad I came across your video! very informative and entertaining…I'm about to begin cutting again via ketogenic diet…I picked up some mct oil…any tips on how to accomplish while doing shift work 🙁 I'm a 26 year old male thanks in advanced…also do you have social media to follow?

  3. I no longer have a gall bladder …. how should I handle my consumption of fats…. I have 2 tbs coconut oil every day and eat chicken thighs and other fatty meat regularly

  4. I know it may sound inappropriate but keto/atkins diet really makes me hornier than when I was 14 back when u walked around school with hard ons all the time… its like a Viagra for me. I am not trolling. I think maybe since I lost some fat my cholesterol went down or maybe all that protein and oils? Keto is amazing for sexlife omg.. pls do it u will be climbing walls with ur partner

  5. not watching a single anti coffee video ! I will watch all your other videos. I'm getting results already and I feel amazing.I'm already disciplined. I have been on ketogenic diet and weight lifting for about 4 months now – all is great.Leave my coffee ALONE. Don't be an anti pleasure police.

  6. Hi Stephanie, I just watched the video on Coconut oil by bios3training.  He says that
    coconut oil is only 50% saturated fats and the rest is just like sugar on the system.  Do you have any thoughts?  Also, MCT oil is not pure?

  7. Hey lovely sweet Keto(Stephanie) i keep you name Keto hahahaha.  i would say just one word that your all video are Awesome. lets get to business now i started low-carb food and loose 4 to 5 lbs in 10 days and i am so excited to see more.
    I was wondering if you have several breakfast-lunch-dinner plans for vegan. i bet you do have. Could you please share it?  

  8. speaking of loose stools have you or any of your watchers experienced greasy stools that make you strain, and itchy hemorrhoids on this diet. I get the concept and it all makes sense to me, but while I'm on it the roids are unbearable. I know gross subject, but hey I will put my ass in the wind for all to see full moon tonight. LOL   

  9. I used to be fat phobic – wouldn't eat fat and guess what it made me kinda fat 🙂  Now I eat mostly fat and it has made me very muscular and lean 🙂
    This absolutely works!

  10. Bought some MCT oil from Puritan pride. The only problem is when I take it I itch all over, mostly from the neck up. Also, I know the brand "NOW' is a low end product and price compared to other supplement lines.Back to butter and coconut butters. John Kiefer also talks about coffee.

  11. your videos (and business) motivate and inspire me everyday! I LOVE MCT and coconut oil for my fatty coffee (been using herbal coffee bags from WholeFoods) – non acidic and caffeine free. do you think they're okay for keto adaptation? thanks for all the amazing info. I'm saving up for a consultation! 

  12. I got this MCT oil been on it for 2 weeks now-but awaiting keto adapt……bah, my husband took some and bam gave him some energy.
    .  PS got me some "pork rinds" for a chrunky snack………….thanks for the tip!
      When I was fat 210 lbs (20 months ago down 60 lbs) and coverd with cellulite, now via a healthy diet and exercise I have lost all of it except for my thighs, my lymphs were really blocked.  I am working on eating the keto way-no carbs-but I need to get the improper sugars out-like protein bars and turkey hill lemonade.  Thanks for all your information.

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