Low Carb Diets are one of the latest 'fad' diets to hit us. They limit the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates and encourage the consumption of high protein foods. This is one of the biggest attractions for people, being able to eat things like bacon etc.

While this is attractive to many people, a lot do not take into consideration the negative health effects of these bad fats. Just because the diet 'allows' you to eat these type of foods, does not mean they should be consumed in excess.

While this is something that can be controlled, one thing that can not be controlled with Low Carb Diets is what the whole diet is based around, Ketosis. These type of diets including the Atkins Diet, cause you body to go into a Ketogenic state. Some side effects of this include:

  • Muscle Loss due to glycogen being lowered causing muscle atrophy.
  • Increased Fatigue levels when exercising.
  • Weight comes straight back after stopping the diet.
  • Lethargy.
  • Does not encourage healthy eating and lifestyle.

With all this being said, you will lose weight eating Low Carb. Although in most cases much of the initial weight loss will be from dehydration and muscle loss. Also with the lack of energy this diet often causes, you are less likely to exercise, and if you do have the drive to do so your muscles will fatigue easily hampering your efforts. If you do start on a Low Carb Diet these issues should all be taken seriously as each one can be rather serious if not dealt with accordingly.


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