Is eating ketogenic safe for a pregnant woman? What you need to know about keto (low-carb, high-fat eating) and pregnancy. Transcript here: || Click “Show More” for resources.

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15 Replies to “Pregnancy + Eating Keto.”

  1. I'm so glad to know that I can continue to eat keto while I am busy growing this baby!! I have found though that I am craving carbs (namely sweet potato and crackers) and I'm terrified to eat these!! I read an article the other day where a woman was claiming her keto clients ended up having a miscarriage when they gave into their cravings and ate more carbs. Do you have any insight on this? I'm really wanting to have something that will calm my morning sickness a bit but don't want to do something that could be harmful.

  2. I've been doing keto for 6 weeks great results. Found out yesterday I'm pregnant I've been doing research and so much negativity out there. Love this video it's very much what I had thought!

  3. HI there! Love Ur videos. Just one doubt: you say pregnant women go keto usually during night so going nutritional keto would be okay. But I also heard that pregnant women goes diabetic too. That is because the pregnancy but it doesn't make diabetes a good thing (for them or other persons)…
    Another thing: why especificly intermittent fasting would be bad? Insulin is regulated, you could cover all your food intake in your eating window, etc… my point is that I don't see the diference from not to do it, IF is just a protocol… thanks for your help!

  4. Thanks for the information!! This was one of my top questions, as I'm trying to lose weight with a Ketogenic diet & plan to get pregnant in about a year .. Was hoping I wouldn't "have" to go
    Off this diet during pregnancy! As I'm loving it so far!! :)

  5. I was eating high fat low carb for 9 months before I got pregnant, then by week 7 I could not do it. meat, fat, and dairy all made me super sick, so I tried normal upset tummy foods and those made it all so much worse. now I'm just taking it one meal at a time and really listening to my body. as soon as the morning sickness part is over I plan to go back to my plan. I was hoping keto would be the magic bullet against morning sickness, but no matter how good an nutrient dense the food is…I feel yucky.

  6. First, thank you for explaining why lchf is good when you're pregnant. I'm planning to keep eating lchf when we make it to that point, but I'm getting a lot of (overemotional) criticism, mostly from doctors. It's exhausting. (As if dealing with infertility wasn't enough)
    Second: Men* are interested in their partner's pregnancy as well, so there's no need to use a disclaimer "this is mostly for women" – because, it just shouldn't be.

  7. You definitely need to have Lilly Nichols as a guest on your show! I'm assuming you might have come across her book or website as you were researching this topic…? If not, definitely check her out. I'm sure all of the preggos would appreciate hearing the conversation between you two. Two awesome, intelligent ladies!

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