Fish and Meat shopping in Loja, Ecuador…we shop “nose to tail” for grass fed beef and wild caught fish. Using the WHOLE animal is a great way to get a broad spectrum of nutrition, saves you money, and is FUN. We show our families groceries for 3 weeks of our whole foods diet consisting of primarily fat and protein (minus our veggies, eggs, and fruit for our daughter which we buy here in town)
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34 Replies to “Shopping for Meat and Fish on a KETOGENIC DIET in Ecuador. Nose to tail eating”

  1. I would really appreciate a reply, as I am recently very interested in eating more parts of the animal including using bones for bone broth. Don't you guys worry about bacteria? I myself have a very weak stomach (possible leaky gut) and have gotten salmonella before, leaving me in the emergency room for a week. I would love to be more adventurous and do things like eating the raw bone marrow as you do, but am scared of spending hours or days bed ridden/ in the bathroom cringing as my stomach aches. Any information on this would be very helpful, as I can't seem to decipher facts from fiction on a lot of my research, and would love to here from someone with personal experience. Thanks in advance, I just discovered your videos today and very much enjoy all the advice as well as your beautiful family.

  2. The tuna head is so wonderfully fresh! I make a good chowder and now I want one! LOL It took me awhile to figure out the easiest way to remove the bitter gills with kitchen shears instead of a knife!

  3. I love your videos! Does your dog eat all raw? I'm feeding my dog a store bought raw but i really want to try feeding fresh raw. Maybe you could show what his dinner looks like in a video :)

  4. I probably missed an episode or three but I would love to see how you refrigerate. I am trying to decide on a practical solution for my own meat/fish ambitions.

  5. Don't you worry about high mercury contained in those big fish? Or you eat something with the fish to bind the mercury out? When I eat sushi or mercury contained fish I always take Chlorella or strawberry to bind them out. 

  6. I'd be interested in seeing how you prepare everything you guys eat, including the organ meats. We have really great local resources here. I just came across your videos and really like what I see so far. Looking forward to learning more.

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