A new cancer treatment that is free has virtually no side effects and can be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments. It involves starving cancer cells of the fuel they the love… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com


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  1. My 9 yr. old had cancer at 15 months. It was removed surgically. She eventually ended up with a seizure disorder and none of the medications stopped them. I heard of the keto diet for control of seizures and it worked. I didn't know it stopped cancer. Perhaps that is why her cancer never returned. Praise GOD.

  2. "That which is sweet is often Forbidden." -The Koran.
    I'm a Jewish Physician-but it's TRUE. I bet Hatfield had Prostate Cancer, a common Bone metastasis in Men. Ironically, the FAT in Red Meat has been Demonized. Red Meat IS Bad in excess quantities, because the Iron that makes the meat Read is only needed in small quantities. Fat COULD be bad in meat if it's contaminated with DDTs and PCBs that make their way up the food chain. It's probably Better to steam your brussels sprouts and carrots with fatback and, Yes, the coconut oil.

  3. The irony is that the cancer survivor profiled, Dr. Fred Hatfield, appears to be cooking his eggs on non-stick cookware, which, along with microwave ovens, greatly predisposes one to cancer.

  4. Hey, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  5. She mentioned, at the end, the weight loss, which is perfectly true, but my problem is hiding the "keto breath", which is like an old man's mothball-like breath. I have tried so many things – has anyone got a "cure"?

  6. surprisingly good article for main stream media, probably because the lady presenter actually practice's the ketogenic diet, believes in its health benefits and knows exactly what she is talking about. Need to keep sodium intake high (>5g/day) and those steaks were way too big as protein only should be taken in moderation (<1g per kg lean body mass/day).

  7. so why do Children's Hospitals serve Froot Loops and sugared cereals and Hot Dogs to their cancer patients?  This never made sense to me when our 6 year old got cancer.  They just wanted the kids to get calories in their bodies but had zero advice for nutritional solutions.  They let the kids choose anything they wanted from the menu—so frustrating.  Our son lasted 16 months.  Someone please share this with Children's Hospitals.

  8. Of course!  The way humans have been eating for thousands of years can actually be good for you!  Paleo eating and ketogenic diets are the way to go; it's not even hard to quit sugar once your body is getting all of the natural fats that it craves.

  9. People are commenting here about 'protein' but the true Ketogenic diet as advocated by Domenic D'Agostino (who is on the cutting edge of this science) in this CBN video has a lot of fat in it and only a small amount of protein. He says in another interview that the research showed that small amounts of protein were more sustaining and healing. This would tally with paleolithic man's diet from eons ago.. it would be a natural way of eating as they had to score a 'hunting success' to eat meat. See how more and more world class athletes are switching to this diet for more strength and endurance.  It is early days for me, but I am feeling much stronger now eating this way and I have had a badly compromised immune system for 34 + years. I tried so many diets including a raw food one – this seems best for me and many others too according to the growing evidence on the net and YouTube! Out with the old in with the new (or is it historically 'old' too?) :))))

  10. I went to this suggested website CBN.com and I could not see anything obvious about the KETOGENIC diet .. which this is! this guy, Joseph Arcita, has a blog with lots and lots of really helpful information if anyone is interested. I have looked up a lot on this diet and have been on it for a fortnight now and feel better already, however this blog of Joseph Arcita, has a goldmine of info :))

  11. So much ignorance, so many indoctrinated / brain washed people, who seem to have lost the ability to think for themselves & have forgotten what they are.

    So, let me remind you. We humans are an apex predator, no matter if you believe in Evolution or Creation, the fact is we are a carnivore & as such, meat is our ideal food.

    Our liver produces the exact dose of glucose our bodies need for metabolism, any sugar consumed is excess & is removed from the blood stream by being processed into fat. Consuming extra sugar does not give us extra energy, the same as flooding your car with too much fuel does not make it run better.

    A serving of Potato, pasta or bread, will raise ones blood sugar higher & for far longer than a bowl of ice cream, for example.

    The problems / disease from excess sugar consumption is caused by:
    1) It takes lots of vitamins & minerals to produce the hormone insulin, that is required to turn sugar into fat.
    So a diet high in sugars can quickly deplete our reserves of essential vitamins & minerals.

    2) While the excess sugar is in our blood stream it is damaging the inner lining of our blood vessels, it is in these damaged areas WHERE & WHY the cholesterol builds up. 

    Cholesterol is one of our bodies main building blocks & is used to repair these damaged areas.
    So, blaming cholesterol for causing problems, is the same as saying firemen cause fires, because firemen are always at every fire.

    Keep an open mind, educate yourself & wake up.

  12. …check for that guy in 5-10 years  and see where he is at with his health… yikes!!! A cancer survivor is someone that lives atleast 5 years of after cancer treatment… even if you die 5years and 1 day.. still a survivor… Fat is fat no matter where it comes from … this is such bad information. And who is going to make money off a diet?? the massive food industry… this just feeds into more meat, eggs, animal product sales. Sheeple wow, wake up.  God bless us all ((-;

  13. 80-85% of fat..otherwise its not ketogenic…the sore joints is not from the ketogenic diet…may be it was the high quantity of protein….I am on fat and no sore joints…nor muscular tiredness

  14. eat that dead caucus & pus! it's GOOD for you! starve your brain from carbs & force yourself into ketosis lol! you want to prevent & reverse cancer then eat fresh raw fruits & vegetables.

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