Jeff Volek talks about research he has done an other research that shows how a diet high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates causes positive changhes in blood lipids. His talk makes it clear that this way of eating is quite healthy.


10 Replies to “Jeff Volek, PhD, RD: How your blood panel values respond to a ketogenic diet”

  1. The study referenced at 11:40 should be household knowledge.  Volek should be given a national television address from the White House lawn.  There is no greater threat to this countries financial and physical future than insulin resistance.  There is not one family in the United States with no one overweight, insulin resistant, diabetic, or suffering other diseases related to glucose impairment.

  2. I can tell you how mine responded. NO MORE SMALL DENSE LDL. HDL went fro 80 to 101! Triglycerides further dropped from 68 to 48. Pain in my lower legs disappeared. LDL went up only 2 points to 82. Insulin went from 8 to 3.

  3. Wait…what? Everyone in the high carb diet group raised LDL cholesterol and everyone in the low cholesterol high fat diet lowered it? What were the people in the high carb diet fed, sugar and white bread?

  4. Thank you so much for this video. My doctor has been freaking out and demanding I get on meds immediately but you described exactly what is happening to me in every detail! I'm so glad I found this video because if I had to get on meds or quit keto it would be disastrous for me.

  5. 2yrs on keto and my HDL shot up from 45 to 74 and trigs from 75 to 63. My LDL stayed roughly the same at 120. I never had a particle test pre-keto but its now pattern A. Every is as predicted along with a 110lb loss.

  6. My blood panels didn't even come close to his charts.  HDL up 7.5%, triglycerides down 11%.  Both are in the right direction but way below his charts.  I've been on this lchf diet for 6 months now and lost 54 lbs.  HbA1C from 5.4 to 5.1.  HDL to triglycerides ration 3.25 to 2.6, which is good.  I was expecting better.  2 years ago my HDL was 34 so it's been climbing since before I started this diet.

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