Don’t get yourself sick by going into Ketosis too fast and hurting your body. We are human beings and not robots. Our bodies need to adapt slowly and gently into things. Slowly doesn’t mean 3 to 6 months. It means 5 to 10 years. If you want the Ketogenic Diet to be a permanent way for you to eat, then you must do things methodically and slowly. You must learn to be patient and appreciate slow and effective change. Checkout my blog and you’ll see how I did it:

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16 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet: Getting into Ketosis fast! Ease is the opposite of disease.”

  1. I am getting myself used to this diet, but somedays I found myself not eating much (only a protein shake )through out the day. my energy was VERY low. other than this, I think my body is better. I've been knowing for a while that I have to change.

  2. Well I think after months of eating LCHF, I am finally in ketosis, maybe keto addapted. Not sure if these two states feel different? I do know that my body just feels relaxed, don't know how else to describe it. Love it :-)

  3. went too fast into my keto diet too. I got into ketosis but didn't feel that great. Mostly felt lethargic despite eating a lot of veggies or even more fat. I think i also hit physiological insulin resistance because i wouldn't lose fat anymore. So I started reverse dieting by slowly adding more carbs, adding an apple the first week, a banana 4 days later, then another peace of fruit some days later again. And now im adding some gluten-free oatmeal too. My net-carb intake is probably around 60-70g now, but I'm feeling much better! For now I've decided to put ketosis off and just go for a somewhat low to moderate carb,high fat diet to help me have an easier time in general. Upped my protein-intake also with about 20g from 80 to 100 for easier recuperation from the gym. All in all. I can always lower my carbs later again when my bodily condition allows me too.

  4. Thank you for making this video. I woke up and was thinking of taking one year to work on myself…not date… Get my life and health together and this really confirmed it for me.
    I just started working part time and am coming down from a significant amount of stress. Ready to embrace taking things slower and it's a message we all need to hear and be reminded of at times. 

  5. I used to struggle with heartburn a lot before keto. I especially was not able to consume fats when I ate carbs it would skyrocket my heartburn and it was not due to over eating. My experience on keto has been this since October 2014 I have not had struggles with heartburn. This is when I started keto. Actually this has been my journey and experience I don't eat eggs and I don't eat any oil no olive oil no macadamia oil and no coconut oil. These items gave me incredible heart burn also dark chocolate and butter not good for me. I eat very fatty steaks, pork belly, high fat cheese only white cheese and high quality, raw nuts, 35% cream in coffee I put 4 tbs cream in my coffee wich I have twice per day. Also I cook bone broth and have 2 cups each day. When the broth becomes gelatinous I do remove the fat from the top I do not eat that. I do not use any spices or flavoring. I use only hemalayen salt on my cooking. I do also eat ground beef, chicken wings. I also do not eat vegetables. It does not matter how large my meals are I never get heartburn not ever. The worst culprit for me for heartburn has been coconut oil and butter. I feel keto is totally personal experimenting. Most of the advice Steph the keto guru on u tube talks about does not work for me. Sourkrout no way I don't feel good on it. I'm in a great groove now I have found what works for me and I feel incredible and amazing. I have lost 30 pounds. I have become a strong athlete and train like never before. I only need 6 hours sleep can't sleep more than that I wake up total happy and bright and full of energy. I'm 40 and I feel better then I ever in my life have. I also work the night shift and still am able to have success with the keto. I am on it for life I hope. Also my blood work is perfect. I sleep like a baby. I love cheese and raw nuts and coffee and they have not at all hindered me in any way except that they make me very happy person. If Steph would read this she may be traumatized for life. She is so fanatical I'm so happy to have found my own way and not be brainwashed by the keto fenatisism. I'm in full keto.

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