How to get into ketosis series!
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14 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET TIPS: How to know if you are in ketosis or NOT!”

  1. Hello Stephanie.

    I just came across your videos tonight, and I'd thought I'd send you a question that I'm hoping you have an answer to.

    (I sent you an e-mail through your site, but then I saw that it is not for general questions, so I though I would ask it here instead.)

    From what I have gathered, the body burns a certain percentage of fat and carbs for energy. For example: as you are reading this your body, supposedly, is burning around 60% fat and 40% carbs.

    I had read through biology that the body cannot burn 100% fat. So, if there aren't any carbs in the body, it burns the amino acids in its place.

    Do you have any info that explains how the body is able to keep the muscle???

    Thanks in advance. :-)

  2. I'd love to see ANY scientific reference that you need blood glucose under 80 to be in ketosis…also, all the scientific literature defines ketosis as .5mmol and above. I'm curious where she is getting these numbers, they don't match with the science.

  3. i appreciate how you simplified this message here and kept it short. I have increased my fat and lowered my protein since i asked you about muscle wasting a week ago. I had a good result this week (4) gaining muscle and losing fat. 75fat20protien5carb

    I know you've done food videos already but will you please do some more, like with pictures of what you have for a day? I'm struggling to find enough calories. eating coconut oil and mct just to increase fat.

    also why not workout after 3pm? i heard you say it in periscope, but missed the reason.

    much love, Trev

  4. thanks. I think you made this video just for me. you answered exactly what is going on with my situation. I learn more each time I watch your videos over and over again.

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