Insulinogenic Effect
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7 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: Why is my blood sugar spiking on keto??????”

  1. No one will sensibly and sincerely address the elephant in the room being my sabotaged gold-watch blackhole agenda ruined. Why keep Earth going day after day if the only purpose is definately lost?

  2. Hi all. I'm a newbie. Starting losing weight over the last three weeks. I've lost a stone. I used to eat whatever I wanted until I saw some photos of me and then I said " that's it I'm eating better from now on. I've starting doing keto diet and I'm reading a lot about the Atkins diet. I'm eating meat most days eggs every day and eating a lot of veg. I'm walk over 6 miles a day plus drinking only water nothing else.

    My problem is dessert. I've not had any kind of dessert in 3 weeks and I'm craving it. What can I eat on keto or low carb desserts. If I can't buy it I'll bloody make it. Any recipes or advice would be wonderful.

    I see most food now as poison. I went into my local supermarket today and ready all the carbs in the food I used to eat made me re think what I'm putting in my body.

    I just need a bit of chocolate Hahahaha

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