It can be challenging starting a new diet, and trying to understand everything. I will try to simplify the basics.


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  1. I have responded to a few of your videos over the last couple days. I think I have watched all of them now, but sorry for all of the messages… I promise I will not bug you anymore after this… but I have one big fear and problem.

    In the past, I have been on a keto diet, I felt great, I felt like I never wanted to eat any other way. I was losing weight, I was waking up at 6 am, gaining more success in all parts of my life including professionally. Fast forward 3 to 6 months and I am off the diet, I am starting to feel crappy and I have totally forgotten that keto was helping me… or maybe it was my addictive brain being addicted to carbs again. I never know what actually happened? its weird.

    So now that I am back on keto and doing really well, my main goal (aside from improving my health) is to NOT FALL OFF OF THE DIET!!!… and if I do, that I would immediately be able to recognize it and jump back into ketosis.

    I love the tips you have given for recognizing my own weaknesses, like knowing how much I can 'cheat' without going overboard. Or realizing when I have gone too far and being able to get back into ketosis. For some reason, the last few times on the diet, I failed.

    I am taking some extreme steps this time, like creating repeating reminders in my calendar each month to ask myself how my keto diet is going. I have also decided to keep a food journal for 1 year, hoping that my focus on keeping the journal will help me stay focused and strict on my new 'lifestyle' vs. being a temporary diet. I am also going to utilize all of the advice you have presented and I am going to find alternatives to eating at restaurants for special occasions and extremely limiting nuts and dairy (they are a weakness for me too).

    I wrote this entire post just to ask you if you have anymore advice on how to stay on the diet? How to remind myself, in moments, days or even weeks of weakness, that I need to get my butt back on the diet and stay healthy? You have given so much great advice and I dont expect you to have any more, but if you do have any creative ideas on this, I would greatly appreciate them!!!

    TL;DR: Love being keto, failed in the past, how can I make sure I stay on keto for the rest of my life? (I want to stay for life, I have no intention of taking breaks because I fail when I try to take breaks)

  2. Hi Do you use keto test srips and if so how often? Do you measure/weigh your food? I hate getting too precise but I know I need to set some guidelines for behavior going forward. Thank you!

  3. Everything you've said makes total sense. As a beginner in adapting this way of eating you have given me great insight. I am like you as you said in a past video a lot of muscle mass and retains fluid like crazy when I eat carbs. thanks you so much for your videos. Yes, this can be a primary way of eating, but that doesn't mean you can't have some of the things you love every now and then.

  4. to me carbs are the devil. carbs are not a necessity… im in the 3rd week of keto, never above 5g of vegetable carbs.. i am strict with my keto, my 2nd time around.. my calories are 1800… 160g in fat ..82g in protein.. 6g of carbs that are in 4 fatbombs… for the past 5 days been doing a 6 hour feed time / 18 hour fast… i feel great.i wont stop keto till im about 165 or 170…

  5. I was on the keto diet and my blood pressure and diabetes to go down and I lost 3 dress sizes but I didn't lose weight I don't know what I was doing wrong and why didn't lose weight a I gained maybe three pounds

  6. from what your saying it would be okay to listen to the Melvins song where they sing about carving then up a white castle slider outta indias sacred cow while i have a burger,(no bun). sorry just tryin to have some fun. good info and great vid!

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