Hunkered down for a rare snowstorm. Plus, thoughts on bulletproof coffee and ‘buying’ ketone products. For more information on the ketogenic diet, see below.

“Butter in Coffee?” video:

“Hardest Part of the Ketogenic Diet” video:

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40 Replies to “Snow, Bulletproof Coffee and Ketosis”

  1. Could the weight gain be due to holiday stress (increased cortisol)? I'm being tested for a condition that adds weight on in chunks at the time and it usually coincides with stress and not sleeping. Feeling jittery and weight gain is also a symptom I get when my thyroid is out of whack a bit.

  2. Happy anniversary =) The journey we're on is long but I'm convinced that this lifestyle is the best for me. It takes a few months to figure it out. Some folks are impatient, I get that. I've figured out that BPC works, but it doesn't have to be loaded. Sometimes just butter and cream is plenty to skip breakfast. Some of us lose weight only on two meals a day, and BPC is that answer. After fat adaptation, you're not that hungry. =) No one gets that until they give it a chance. I don't track macros if I know I'm about 20g carbs daily. You'll know. You'll really know you're doing OK when one day you try a Coke, and you almost have an anxiety attack and heart palpitations. In conclusion, you know it's working when you're not very hungry, you don't have cravings, your coffee keeps you full all morning, and you're losing weight. It's slow but it works. It's so anti-inflammatory. Love your videos =)

  3. New to your channel, cant wait to view your other videos. very comforting, I started keto last march and lost 50lbs then the end of summer came with vacations and holidays. back on track now.

  4. your so funny but your right! milk and bread oh my. thanks for posting. I been losing weight daily, restarted keto last week. last year was terrible with to many health issues and now I can concentrate on being healthier. I feel so much better already.

  5. I was at my endocrinologist. she said that ketones are acidic and cause acid balance issues in the body. is this why keto people drink apple cider vinegar and lemon? is this why some keto people get kidney stones?

  6. I just do a tbsp of each in my BPC. 1 tbsp of butter is 102 cal. 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil is 117 cal.
    I use the BPC when I am doing a fat fast. When I wake, I will have a BPC first thing. That is adding plenty of fuel to get past the habit of "I'm up, I should eat", and all for only 220 calories.

  7. Thank you for keeping it simple. I just started a little over a week ago and I'm feeling so much better. I really appreciate all of your tips and suggestions. 🙂 Patti

  8. That must be a "treat" for you!!! I don't enjoy winter, but I live further north and we get more than I would LIKE 🙁 I crave a day like you are enjoying as a once in a while thing, rather than a usual event. <3

  9. Oh good, another post…I look forward to them, Casey. Yes, congratulations on your third Keto year! I think your post hit it right on with why I am at a standstill….too much of a good thing….fats. This is a timely post for me. I, too, enjoy my bulletproof coffee. I put MCT oil (1T) and coffee cream. I must keep my fats in check. I like MCT oil a lot. Do you ever put it in your coffee? I didn't know you get the snow like that in NC. Looks like here in mid Saskatchewan, Canada.

  10. Thank you for clarifying because I was starting to consider this coffee because I was afraid I wasn't going to consume enough fat. You explained it in a very common sense way.

  11. I love your videos, not so fond of your Facebook site as there are some trolls and they are vicious and very negative. I too have lost weight (57) due to Pre-Diabetes and NAFLD, and a lot of other health issues, including depression, glycation of tendons in my hight hand, sleep apnea, oedema, low energy, constant fatigue, and joint pain. . I had followed, like millions, the dietary recommendation to eat high carb and low fat and lost weigh 3 times and started to gain it back about 24 hours after getting to "goal". It didn't work for me. It may work for others. I am not saying that the tradition SAD diet is bad for everyone, its just bad for me. You look great, by the way. It is so amazing how this lifestyle can change so many things for us older woman (I'm 62).

  12. Wow you live in NC so do I ,you must be up north in NC, we didn't get that much snow just ice.For a strange reason I was not hungry today for me it is eating too much of the right stuff so I think about what I eat and don't eat if I'm not hungry.I was trying too do the best I could with eating low carb when I read page 4 I got it for the first time instead of cooking a low carb and eating lots of eat I see now that is about control,just that little bit of information turned me around.

  13. We lived in Wilmington in the late '80s and got an 18" snow. Shut town down for days. They had to bring plows down from Raleigh and called in the national guard. Love your videos.

  14. Pivotal information to share the difference between keto fat burning adaptation and overall health benefits and how to burn body fat effectively, very easy to lose this important part of the equation when starting the process! I gained 30 pounds back by making this mistake. Your sharing of the importance in transition, meal replacement, fasting and learning to eat when hungry while reducing carbs and overall energy consumption not needed. My best success is at or below 1000 calories, 5 carbs, insulin resistant, age 50, 5 foot 3 1/2, and battled this path since I was a child.

    We have the best information, and effective opportunity for healthy change now at this phase of our life, and who knew it started with quality FAT! Blessings to you and yours in this New Year!

  15. Very inspiring, genuine and motivational for another mature lady, also on this life changing path, about half way there.. stay safe and warm from the unusually cold MS gulf coast

  16. Thank you for this video! Your explanation of ketones/ fat intake makes so much sense. Also I enjoyed the periscope video you recommended this week. Enjoy the snow and stay warm!

  17. Is there a benefit to using butter vs heavy cream in coffee? I love having heavy cream in my coffee when in keto. The cream has a great flavor and is easy. I just wonder why so many prefer butter and coconut oil vs heavy cream.

    Very good explanation of how the body loses weight on keto.

  18. Suggestion: Try eating your veggies raw or very lightly steamed. Our bodies handle raw food better than cooked. We were designed to eat raw food, Also, make sure you have plenty of celtic salt to get your minerals.

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