If you’re on a budget and need groceries, don’t worry just watch this video!



34 Replies to “HOW TO SHOP KETO ON A $50 BUDGET”

  1. what oil can I use instead of coconut??  We've been on this diet a week, and we are always full, haven't had the desire to snack.  and sometimes are only eating two meals a day, were going through the tired stage at the moment.

  2. i should lose weight easy then. im 6'4 375 pounds. i can eat your groceries for lunch. so i spread $50 worth of groceries over the week on a keto diet that means I'll be eating about 800 calories a day. all while my body is depleting all it's storage reserves but first it has to deplete glycogen from muscle tissue. so question is, if my body is in ketosis and what happens to the calories I'm consuming. does it gets stored or does it gets burned first then fat and glycogen? I think I should carb load b4 i lift weights because i get ravaging hungry after lifting then after a water fast. i got the 40 day no food trophy by the way. thinking I'll just fast instead. only thing that works. body too confusing.

  3. Do you think prolonged Keto dieting can cause insulin issues? I did a keto diet for about 2 months for a spring break cut. Afterwards, I started eating cabs again – kept calories relatively the same. But I lost all my shreds within 2/3 weeks, felt bloated, and looked worse than before I started my cut. Thoughts?

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