The mistakes everyone makes on their keto diet that leads to weight plateaus, binging and unhappiness. A small adjustment could lead to HUGE progress. Transcript & FREE Mini Guide: || Click “Show More” for resources.

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24 Replies to “5 Keto Mistakes.”

  1. OMG, I started a life change back in July of this year and have tried to limit my carb intake to under 20 per day. I have lost 80 pounds and everything has been going great. 2-weeks ago I started having problems sleeping at night. I started looking here on youtube for things I might be doing wrong and came across this video. Thank you for an informative fun video.

  2. High fat low carb, but dont eat a lot of protein. WTF does that even mean? What is left when you cut the carbs? This "diet" is not registering with me. I've already downloaded a million "start up" keto programs. Its all "eat high fat, low carbs, limited protein". Again, no solid information. With limited protein, low carb and high fat …all I feel left is salad (and the like) with high fat dressing. I just dont get this. So frustrating.

  3. What's basically happening when you can fall asleep due to lack of carbs, is it's your liver glycogen. Your brain feeds off this when you're sleeping, but if the stores are empty or too low, your cortisol shoots up, you can't sleep (or keep waking up), and usually will wake up with cold sweats.

  4. Liking the videos. Been on keto-inspired diet for three weeks and am liking the way I feel at times, and not so much at others..its very challenging but I overall the way I feel. I highly recommend you be honest with yourself: this diet can suck…you feel off at random times of days and you get sleepless/restless nights.

  5. This is the simplest diet ever! Just cut out all the carbs, you know them well. Don't be scared of green veggie carbs though, some berries, dairy or nuts. Other than that you can just eat fatty foods and proteins until you feel really full. Don't overthink things! It's easy! I've lost 33 pounds in ten weeks!

  6. Could you please answer me a question?
    If I add a peanut butter tablespoon in the butter coffee mixture, thus adding 5 or 6 grams of carbohydrate, will it avoid those problems you mentioned with the simple buttercoffee ?

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