Interview with Mike Mutzel, Functional Medicine Practitioner and author, chats with us about the importance of protein on a ketogenic diet, how your gut health dictates your ability to adapt, changes women can make to the ketogenic diet, and more. || Click “Show More” for show notes…

Microbiome support for fat-burning success (14:07)
Protein misconceptions on a ketogenic diet (24:13)
The key to burning more fat efficiently (42:34)

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8 Replies to “#013 The Keto Diet Podcast: Protein Intake on Keto”

  1. Hey this was a excellent and very informative podcast episode!.. Been doing Keto for about 7months, and loving it… But always looking for new approaches for long term use!.. Thank You!..

  2. I feel like this was one of your BEST interviews, Leanne. I simply love Mike Mutzel and the info he imparts. I suspect a lot of your listeners feel the same way. He is just so good! Thank you for having him on the podcast.

  3. This was a awesome guest. I know him from other interviews.
    He had lots of useful informations on your podcast,
    so i had to listen very carefully.
    Thank you. You do a good work.

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