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What if your doctor told you to eat more fat?

That day might come sooner than you think.

In the scientific community, “High-fat” ketogenic diets are suddenly in vogue. The ketogenic diet is being studied for its potential to treat Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and even Alzheimer’s.

Today we’re here with a pioneering female scientist, Dr. Mithu Storoni, who eats a diet of 70+% fat! You’re about to learn the surprising reasons why.

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15 Replies to “Dr. Mithu Storoni: The Ketogenic Diet, Brain-Boosting Fats, & How to Avoid Low-Carb Mistakes”

  1. Did she say we have ta watch long chain fatty acids. If ya need to get the doctor check ya out before you Keto I would think its not the correct way to eat. This diet is to confusing! Not for me!

  2. I just started my Ketogenic Journey and this was such a great interview. Succinct and easy to notate (for my geeky self). I'm overwhelmed by the amount of content, so if you have another recommendation for another interview that would help ease me in that'd be amazing. Also, as a performer… I LOVE THE PRODUCTION QUALITY. It's not overdone so it is accessible, but the sound is crisp and clean and the picture is steady. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  3. Great interview. I am so glad you spoke or at least touched subjects like balanced keto diet, types of fats, brain responding on diet, palmitic acid, calorie restriction/fasting and of course personal experiences on diet. It' s all sound so natural and with a lot of common sense. Very refreshing to hear something like this if you take into account the amount of conflicting resources and information you can find on Youtube and some of it coming from persons already years on extreeme keto diet but still very wrong on some subjects you touched in this interview. And all that can be confusing to someone that wants to try ketogenic lifestyile for the first time. Many thanks !!

  4. Talking with my Friends about this, it's almost impossible to argue against the huge amount of misinformation that has been spread around the "FAT IS BAD" Movement that has taken place in the last decades.. They will only believe it when it is on the Television….

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