Discussing the pros and cons of ketogenic diets Part 1


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  1. How how how do you get just 20% Protein? Ever faty meat still has more protein then fat. You cant even eat meat if you want to get keto, couse you get proteins, i eat 400g fatty chicken wings + salmon for dinner and that is already 150g of protein.

  2. It all really depends on the person. The keto diet falls in a cutting diet. For instance, my body doesn't handle carbs well. No matter how little carbs I eat, I feel bloated. Once I started a keto diet, I felt WAAAAY better. No bloating. The first week I did feel like crap, just because my body wasn't used to cutting carbs completely out. But after the first week, i felt great. I love the keto diet! 

  3. Thanks very much Chad!! I now know to eat more fat than eating so much protein.. though I don't exactly know what % of protein I'm intaking daily.. you see, salmon for example has Omega 3 – a really great fat. However it is also a great source of protein. How do I find out what % of fat, protein and carbs am I taking? At the moment I've done 1 backload night/or 1 carb nite, trying to take in more fat, meat and protein and veges (fiber) for lunch and dinner. 

  4. Like think preventative cancer maintenance for a committed body of women built to store fat w/o the desire to look fat who are sldo a big cancer demographic. that is an interesting audience.

  5. Hi Tawny, I recommend using a scale and weighing and measuring your food at least initially so that you develop a "feel" for serving sizes and proportions. After a week or two, it's pretty easy to wing it. You can quickly eyeball 4 tbsp of butter or 2 oz of cream cheese.

    As for fat sources, SFA, PUFA, and MUFA are all acceptable, but you should certainly make sure you're getting at least some of each type of fatty acid. You might like my video on fat sources.

  6. You are rad. I've been trolling for a week solid while downshifting into ketosis. All the detox signs were there yo. And you explained it more concisely than Attia. Who totally sold me on the mental clarity angle. Is there any natural way of adapting to the ratio without getting freaky with a gram scale. And is the qulaity of fat intake fully relevant to results? Like ghee and coconut oil and grass fed beef as compared to liverwurst and high fat dairy or marbled meat from industry sources ?

  7. I search PubMed constantly, but I also read SuppVersity, and I actually go look up all the different citations in CBL and CNS, as well as The Paleo Solution, The Primal Blueprint, The Zone Diet, The Testosterone Advantage, and many of the articles I read on diets. If you use Google Scholar, you can search specifically for studies on fasting and metabolic rate. It's a surprisingly small drop in metabolic rate.

  8. oh very cool. where do you find these scientific studies? I too have read both CBL and CNS, I will definitely try to see what works for me. It's hard to stay to my diet as I've been on vacation, but hopefully I can post some results in the next month or so.

  9. Thanks Carter! I'm very familiar with Carb Nite. I actually refer to it in my video on Ketogenic Ratios. The only "issue/disagreement" I have with Carb Nite is that I think the carb refeed is too frequent. And the drop in metabolism is overstated. Full on fasting for 10 days only results in an 8% decrease in metabolic rate according to research. I therefore don't think it's necessary to carb up every 7 days on a keto diet. Maybe more like every 15-20 days. Good book. I've read CBL as well.

  10. Good luck on that, and thanks for the videos. Have you looked at carb nite? It's a keto diet but keeps your metabolism from plateuing. I'm not done reading it but you might find it cool.

  11. Excellent question and I'm sorry for not being clearer on that, it is percentage based on calories.

    I did PreMed at Pitt, have dozens of certifications which I don't put much value in 😉 and I'm currently applying to programs to pursue my doctorate in metabolic science and hopefully go into medical research.

  12. 4:23 I lolled… 1:19 % based on Calories or grams? and mind me asking what your education area/level is? Self education is cool too you just seem to have a pretty good grasp on the topic, at least for the purposes of the video.

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