Quick and easy keto bread diet recipe. This keto bread recipe will take approximately 30 minutes to make from start to finish. Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on regular store-bought bread? There are at least 15 different fat-gaining ingredients in each loaf of bread including artificial preservatives and other chemicals. “Wonder Bread” has 21 ingredients. No “wonder” we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic! This keto bread recipe is super easy to make and contains only 4 ingredients. I’d rather make my own bread because that way I am 100% sure of what I’m putting into my body. After all, you are what you eat. Burn fat, not carbs, and lose weight fast.

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I added half a cup extra almond flour so here is the updated nutrition info and macronutrient percentages for this recipe:

1629 calories per loaf – 136 calories per slice (makes 12 slices)

13.7g carbs per loaf – 6% (1g carbs per slice)

148.8g fat per loaf – 67% (12.4g fat per slice)

59.8g protein per loaf – 27% (5g protein per slice)

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22 Replies to “Keto Diet Recipe – Quick & Easy Keto Bread | Keto Babe Rocks”

  1. Mine turned out to eggy. Was flate and had the same texture of corn bread. Gonna try adding sugar sub plus more flour and less eggs. And stiff my eggs whites to see if raises more at 12.00 a bag for that flower geeze. If I can make it taste better worth it

  2. Come on guys.. there aint a bread substitute full stop… ive made a lot of these so called breads, and they all taste like
    shit.. they are cake tasting of either nuts or eggs … very sickly urr !!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. It really is quick and easy. Although I used almond meal rather than almond flour, the bread turned out just fine. I merely added an extra egg to make sure the bread didn't crumble.

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