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  1. Stephanie I'm part of keto culture I'm 150 5'3 I want to go down to 130lbs you said to maintain you need 200g but I don't want to maintain I want to lose. Help me please 

  2. excellent way to get your fat intake. Hopefully people on this lifestyle are also getting many nutritious vegetables as well. Maybe also supplement with magnesium, chelated.

    For beginners, Id work my way down in Carbs as well. 200-150-100-75-50-30. Unless youve got the will power to jump into 30 or less off the bat, then no need for the aforementioned. During that time of working your way down, get plenty of watercress, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach etc…. (not int hat order though. I usually mix and match on a given day). There are other highly nutrient dense veggies as well, but these seems to be the ones most easily attainable and inexpensive.

    During the time you work your way down, also increase your fat in take by adding butter to the veggies. If you were originally on a (AHA) style fat intake, Id gradually up that as well. Say go from 50g (where youre probably at now), to 75, 100, 125, 150 etc…. There will be an initial shock to your body, its not use to the consumption of a high fat intake. Digestion will be an issue as well. During that time, Id look to take in a probiotic as well as consuming Apple Cider Vinegar to your meals. Your gut health is almost certainly compromised already, so these two things should help. Coupled with the nutritious veggies mentioned above, your health should also begin to improve.

    Of course, this is just simple advice. Please consult your doctor before trying any new diet modification.

  3. Thank you Steph! I am just so confused culturally. Many of the health advocates in the black community are really preaching a Vegan diet as the answer for our communities health issues. They state the fact that we ancestrally were tropical people, therefore our bodies are more satisfied with a tropical diet. I am trying to break the cycle in my family of diabetes and HPB. At this time I am overweight but am on the cusp of these diseases. I have a couple of questions for you: 1) Does culture play a role in fat adaptation? 2) What role does hydration play in Ketosis or fat adaptation? 3)Does drinking salt water-1tsp/gallon-(organic pink himalyan sea salt) help those who do not hold on to sodium well? (I sweat salt)

  4. I am currently following a ketogenic diet but after I eat I feel extremely tired. My gallbladder was removed and I'm thinking that I'm having a hard time processing the fats. Could this be it? I have ordered a glucose/keytones meter so I will be testing that soon. Any advice?

  5. And how do you recommend avoiding keto flu? I started feeling sick while going low carb by the 2nd day —- never felt that way before, but to be honest I'm probably eating 200-300 grams of carbs a day.

  6. You are amazing and a total fitness idol! 🙂 What is your website link? And have you worked with any clients that are morbidly obese for most of their lives? What advice do you have for those with chronic obesity?

  7. Hey Stephanie
    I know fats are super important to the keto diet and then getting into ketosis but if we're supposed to cut calories how do we do that with large amounts of fat?

  8. Thats what Im talking about Steph! Awesome advice. I have found drinking the coconut oil with Almond milk quickly before it solidifies works for me. 6 tbs in the morning and 6 tbs at night. Thank you so much for the video.

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