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38 Replies to “Opinion On Keto Diet | The Unchained Mindset | Epic Chest Workout (Feat. GoodyBeats”

  1. Thanks chris and goodbeats for doing this video man. I've statrted doing the keto before but I stopped because my body was feeling fatigued before getting ready to workout and I thought the diet had something to do with it. But I found that drinking a pre workout like Dr hyde or drinking coffee before a workout really truly helps give me the caffeine and energy to push thru the workout without carbing up.

  2. True true, everyone is different. I need to go back being vegan because dairy & meat make me bloat and gain weight like a mtf. Everyone needs to experiment and see what's best for them. (:

  3. yea see i wish i found fitness sooner myself im about to be 34 and just got into fitness 8 months ago. saddly my life was very rough growing up, which put me into depression at 10 and keep going down hill from there with an abuse father aswell as he was an alcoholic and a crack head. my mom was a crack head, and being bullied in mid school and high school. i tried killing myself three times, i mean so much in my life just dragged me down into a dark place. still fighting it on a daily, but watching stuff like this motivates me to keep pushing, but sucks that i let so much get to me it ruin my work history been out of work for over ten years the last six been being an at home dad. but what motivates me the most atm is my wife and child. to try and be a better person and to show my daughter to never give up and to give her the support i never had growing up. saddly thats all i can do atm but its better then doing nothing at all. i thank u for sharing your story's because for me they do help me to push on.

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