Keto done right, works. Keto done wrong, doesn’t. Highlighting the risks of going keto, high-fat, low-carb paleo and the solutions to stay balanced. Transcript & FREE Mini Guide: || Click “Show More” for resources.

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42 Replies to “6 Keto Dangers.”

  1. Very interesting. I've been paleo for about 3 months and feel great and plan to keep it up and probably add more healthy fat based on what I'm hearing. I've wanted to learn more about Keto so thanks for this video and your other videos. I'll be going in another 6 weeks for blood work related to my annual physical and can't wait to see how my numbers have changed (hopefully improved)!

  2. I tried the Keto lemonade, well kind of. Didn't have any aloe Vera, but I did have peyote cactus my wife has been growing for years. Mixed it all up..Boy did I have a trip, it was fabulous!

  3. I have been on the Keto diet for about 6 months only some vegetables (low glycemic type), I have losy about 35lbs, and about 10% body fat. Yesterday I tried the Keto Lemonade and it was the only thing I did deff from y diet. I think I may have done too much of the Aloe Vera about 50% more. That was about 4pm, my time. I went to bed about 7pm, and about 8pm I had chills, and total hot skin fact to feet. I was so week, I was unable to get up to get the Thermometer. I was voiding very clear,about 10pm and forgot to test my temp. The next 4 hours (every hour) I had to Void. I also had a Headache that 400 mothrin only lasted 2 hrs to sleep. 400 usually works for me. I have been drinking water with 3-5 squirts and 3 drops of stevia extract (new brown bottle) about 32 oz, and about 20-30 min after drinking that (Which takes about 20 min to drink it) first at 10 am and then 2 pm today. I am a Male, RN (BSN), Nurse Educator, and Staff Development with 30 yrs experience. then about 12 years of experience as a USN Corpsman with USMC, Navy Ships. So I figure it is I am Dehydrated (Not ate much since the fever started. (Peach, and some Jif extra Crunchy PB about 3 tsp, and 2 tsp of Coconut solid with 33 oz bottle of water (Primo). oit. I just need to know if the Fever was r/t dehydration, since dehydration can also drop body temp when area is warm. Basement Temp abut 89F last night, and 75 F this morning. Sorry also have brain fog since the fever started so probably not writing in a proper diagnoses/exam. Thanks. The Keto Lemonade tasted exactly (sour) the way South makes it.

  4. Hi, can you post the link to point 2? You say that without carbs your body doesn't have everything it needs to build lean muscle mass.. I'd like to read the article you are sighting

  5. Torcetrapib increased HDL cholesterol. It also increased systolic blood pressure and mortality. Your lies are dangerous, elevated cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease.

  6. Another danger is not enough protein. I stay in ketosis and my fat/protein % are at 45-45. You don't necessarily have to have high fat. If rather keep my muscles and since I'm a guy and am working out I need that protein.

  7. i eat naturally and according to seasonality of my foods spring & summer i up my carbs from natural sources once winter comes i go into deep ketosis along with cold thermogenesis

  8. I am fairly new to the Keto diet and I've lost like 10 lbs in a week and a half, but after seeing this video I am scared to stay on this diet. I mean just how many carbs should I be taking in each day to avoid all these complications?

  9. Your explanation about saturated fat and cholesterol sounds anecdotal. You previously had issues with the cholesterol your body makes and needed to supplement it by using saturated fat?

  10. I've watched most of your videos. I want to thank you for your knowledge, enthusiasm, and great presentation. You are a shining example of why YouTube is a great platform. I'm in week two of my Keto diet (great results so far) and have leaned on your videos and several others to help me get started and keep motivated. Again, thank you.

  11. Do you say that it's ok I can have tomatoes corn and potatoes in my salad without counting, they can kick me out of keto… Of course they're better than processed crap but carbs really add up quickly when I don't count macros… Yeah sure lettuce and kale are okay for not counting, it's impossible to overeat them but I'd like to fit not-so-keto things into my diet too.

  12. I have heard that it is not good to be on a keto diet for more than 6 months. Is this true? I am trying keto for the first time but I'm only doing it for 1 month just to get my weight where I want it as my previous diet allows me to eat what I want with proper portions without gaining weight but in order to loose weight I have to resort to a deprived unpleasant diet but does provide the results I want. However, with this keto diet I have found it to be much much better. I have less hunger cravings, more energy, and I'm loosing weight at a good pace. Thank you for your help.

  13. Thank you for this video! I was doing IF and started experiencing very very dry mouth . Once I started eating again it subsided . I need to get back on track and do this the right way . I need help! I'm going to check the links you posted and see about getting your program. Would I get coaching from you ?

  14. At 3 months on keto i had a red candida rash on my arms ?
    At about the same time i started getting wrinkles on my forearms as well ?
    Any advice? Thanks for your video,

  15. I am not sure I can do lchf anymore. I have been at it for 3 mnths now and have felt like crap since being on it. Yes, I have lost 29 lbs but I feel so out of it all the time, light headed, my periods and hormones and moods are all over the place. I am miserable! I am trying to stick to it for my type 2 diabetes but this is starting to be really hard to deal with on a daily basis. i am at 50 total carbs a day and when I tried to go to like 25-35 I was really sick…I don't know what to do anymore

  16. Everything you've said here is right on target, having done keto seasonally for so many years. The only thing I'd add is also being careful with potassium draining and not getting enough salts with meals. Keto can often invoke muscle cramping and/or heart arrythmias, especially after exercising or trying to mix in IF (intermittent fasting). That often creates a low-potassium issue. Higher potassium foods are shrimp and squash as examples.

    I personally would NEVER mix in salt into my water, ever. Lemon is fine. The reasoning is salted water can promote low exclusion zone water (to power H3O2 hexagon formation in tissues like in your inner mitochondria spaces). That's Gerald Pollack's works which he probably will be getting a Nobel prize for in coming years.

  17. I love your videos because you are so helpful and knowledgeable. I have a lot of catching up to do with all of the links you include. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the world.

  18. i am so gratefull of you, so much overweight, insulin problems, depresion in my past 🙁 … but i start with keto 6 monthes ago and now am a completely different person in my young 19 years old and you have helped me so much Leanne. thanks from Chile, south America. (english is not my language hahahha)

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