I get asked all the time about how much fat we need while following Keto. Here is my answer 🙂


30 Replies to “How much fat should you eat on the KETOGENIC DIET??”

  1. Laurie, great video.  I do fine taking in fat from avocados and of course some fatty meat.  But I don't want to eat too much fatty meat because then I am also taking in more protein.  I also make a bullet proof decaf coffee each day to get fats in.   Do you eat coconut oil from the jar?  Do you eat butter straight? Trying to be at 80% fat, seems like it needs to be eaten straight or protein gets too high.  I can't eat a stick of butter, but I know some people do, I wish I could get it down! Looking for more ways to take the fat in, any ideas?  I can't eat cheese, I have casein issues but I do great with coconut oil, butter and MCT, but would need to take in a lot more than I am I think to get to 80%.

  2. Great video (again!). I am so glad I've found your channel. I have been living the LCHF lifestyle for several months now. And, as you explain in this video, I too have discovered that when I overeat on fat (now, after months of successful LCHF), I tend to stall or gain weight. So in the end (I am not at my weight goal yet, need to keep losing) I had to decrease the amount (over all and therefore of calories as well) of my daily nutritional intake in order to continue to lose weight. My question now is: If you decrease your fat intake, do you increase your protein intake? Or do you (as well as I do now) just decrease the whole nutitional amount (by bringing the fat grams per day down)?? Because I assume we still keep under 20 grams of carbs per day no matter what – that's our lifestyle now.

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