you might be suffering from hypogycemia and don’t realize it. How the ketogenic diet balances the bodies blood sugar dysregulation.

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8 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: Do you suffer from chronic low blood sugar?????”

  1. I have a question: Does eating more fat and lowering the carbs help improve health/weight loss regardless of the amount or does one have to enter a ketosis state in order to see improvements?

  2. spot on stephanie.  everyone around me complains…of these or at least two of these.  BUT you cannot tell them this info. they do not have ears for it.  it worries me so.  I try and talk about these issues with people I know but they have alwaaaaays got an excuse.  thanks for delivering yet another great video. 

  3. Being in ketosis allows you to be hypoglycemic all the time with high high energy. Mine is typically under 60 and I feel great. There is no reason to feel like shit with low blood sugar. But as Stephanie says it takes 3 months to fat adapt.

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