I hope you all enjoy this 10 day series! Sorry this may have not been my most exciting vlog ever but tried to share some good info and slightly worried about my health. Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it and let me know if there are any topics you want me to cover!

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  1. This is only my personal … I see you eat a lot of processed foods (perhaps the reason for your health woes because there are a lot of hidden chemicals and carbs in foods that come in a box and packages). Why not try getting rid of the powders, the specialty coffees and everything that comes in a box or package and try to consume real, whole and natural foods (shred your own cheese too- pre-shredded has potato starch to avoid clumping) for a time period and see how you feel?

  2. Good luck with your testing, hope you are able to find ways to relax and stay positive, I know it's stressful, so sending love and light your way!

  3. i have hashimotos, and some female issues going on, and keto is the best cure I've ever found! i've lost 22lbs, my joints feel better, my energy is better (sometimes in a flare, not so much, but win some lose some!) so it is possible! i'm glad you're seeing an endo! let me know if i can help you girl! praying for you!!

  4. Great video! Potassium is very important also. I agree with the comment about Dr. Berg–his videos are fantastic! If you appointment is in the Texas Medical Center, wave at me as you drive by! I work here. :)

  5. Hopefully things workout for you. I totally get how frustrating things are I feel like I'm doing good too but yeah acne, struggle sleeping, and slow weight loss for me too. Keep having so much problems with digestion and migraines.

  6. Hey the Loreal is really working! Looks great.

    Check out the veggies that you are eating, danged ole Thyroid can be sensitive to broc, cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc. So unfair! Love all of it!

    I was really happy to hear on your previous video that your dr put you on Synthroid and Cytomel. Not all treat T3 and T4. Also, ask if they will test your Vit D. It too an affect your weight loss. Mine was way off for YEARS… Hang in there….

  7. Thanks for being an awesome, funny, and inspiring person. started my keto journey in October and I have lost 50 lbs so far, so I'm soaking up all the knowledge your giving.

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