I have been on Keto for 60 plus days and this is my update. I go in every 60 days to get all my sizes checked, weight, and body fat percentage. I got a virus and was unable to workout for over two weeks but I was able to stay with the diet.

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9 Replies to “60 day keto update. How much weight loss and how much body fat dropped on ketogenic diet.”

  1. How many grams of carbos do average per day?  What are you % of calories for fat, protein and carbos.  Are you getting all your macro nutrients?  And I don't mean RDA's because we all know RDA numbers are worthless?  How about you fiber?  If you are not getting close to 40 grams of fiber and 4700 MG of potassium, etc… you are only diluting your self for the long term. There is a  reason why Akins died.  Are you eating beacon? or fried foods they are bad too.  You look and sound smart. I hope you answer my concerns.
    I started 2 weeks ago.  I am averaging 21 grams of carbos and 65% calories from fat.   This allows me to eat 50 grams of fiber an over 4000MG of potassium.  Eventually I will do a modified ketone diet so I can also eat beans, sweet potatos, nuts, blue berries, amla.

  2. I think your problem is the fact that keto isn't typically used for bulking. It helps with fat loss, but carbs are the only thing (besides LOADS of protein) that makes insulin. Insulin is the fat storing hormone. It may help to increase your carbs a bit while pumping at the gym. Just sayin'.

  3. even your face got smaller compared to your 30-day update. i think keto is the most proven diet and i think it works for most people. i lost 20lbs in 2 months and thats with a cheat day every saturday. what are your plans when you have lost enough weight?

  4. Hey Nathan great video's keep up the good work.. Whats the max carbs you were taking in daily? I know to be in total Keto it has to be 30grams a day or less

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