Another video in the “Consider This” ketogenic diet series!

This video is discussing the amazing benefits of ketogenice diets in relation to weight loss and positive body composition changes. Some information was from Dr. David Perlmutter’s NY Best Selling book “Grain Brain”, as well as Jeff Volek’s book “The Art And Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance”

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For decades health care professionals have prescribed low fat diets to lose weight and maintain a healthy life style, but more recently we are understanding that, not only can lowering fat intake be harmful, but raising fat and lowering carb intake can be a more efficient method of weight loss. The combination of providing the body with healthy fats that are essential to longevity, and promoting the breakdown of fatty acids to provide energy for the entire body, makes low carb “ketogenic diets” perhaps the quickest, healthiest, and most sustainable method for weight loss and improved body composition. There are a variety of processes that account for the remarkable results in weight loss, but we will start with the basic principles of ketosis and how our metabolism can transform from depending on carbohydrates to efficiently burning fats.

The basis of a “ketogenic diet” is that we can reduce dietary carbohydrate intake to a point where the our metabolism is prompted into a state of ketosis, in which fatty acids are broken down in the liver to provide the body with substrates for energy production, called ketone bodies. The main benefit of this conversion of metabolism is that we begin to draw energy from body fat reserves such as adipose tissue, resulting in substantial weight loss. When high or even moderate amounts of carbohydrates are present in our diet, they are pushed to the front of the line to be metabolized, which leaves nutritional fat to be stored rather than burned. Amazingly on a “ketogenic diet” we can lower overall body fat through passive calories burned, therefor autonomic processes like brain function, breathing, and sleeping result in weight loss.

Another reason individuals find it so much easier to lose weight on a ketogenic diet than other diet regimens, is that the production of ketones regulates hormones that play a large role in suppressing appetite back to its optimal levels. Research is now identifying fat is one of the largest & most active endocrine organs in our bodies, meaning fat has the ability to secrete hormones directly into our blood stream. In over weight individuals these hormones called “adipokines” are completely out of balance. Leptin is key hormone that fat cells produce, which sends signals to the brain during nutritional intake that enough fat is stored and nutritional consumption can stop. With the hormone imbalance caused by being over weight, the brain, more specifically the hypothalamus develops a resistance to leptin, which results in no recognition of being full. Therefor, in a diet reliant on carbohydrates for fuel, the problem of over eating and food cravings makes it extremely difficult to lose weight, and in a ketogenic diet this problem is eliminated.

It seems a bit counter intuitive that eating fat would promote losing fat, but health experts are now understanding just that to be the case. Another large reason weight loss is amplified in a ketogenic diet verses a normal western diet, is the inhibitory weight loss effects of the production of insulin prompted by nutritional intake of carbohydrates. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, most predominantly as a result of carbohydrate intake, to aide in the transport of glucose into cells throughout the body. When insulin is produced it prohibits the metabolism from burning fat, Jeff Volek says it perfect in his book “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance” where he says, “Insulin is the primary gate keeper of body fat. If your insulin levels are consistently high, fat usage is effectively blocked.” In addition, glucose and insulin being present in the blood at moderate levels hinders the production of testosterone, therefor when carbohydrates are being consumed, levels of this anabolic hormone that is a key factor in positive body composition changes, is significantly lowered.

To tie it all together, a low carb ketogenic diet:

Promotes burning body fat for fuel, resulting in considerable healthy weight loss

Regulates hunger cravings, and nutritional intake demands back to optimal levels

And aids in balancing hormone levels to more efficiently improve body composition.

In Dr. David Perlmutter’s book, “Grain Brain” he concludes that “A low-carb, high-fat diet will out perform a low-fat, high-carb diet any day, and by virtually every measure in the body, from it’s internal chemistry to it’s external waistline.”

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5 Replies to “Amazing Weight Loss Effects of a Low Carb “Ketogenic Diet” (Dr. Perlmutter/ Jeff Volek)”

  1. I had today an online conversation with a "genius", who is convinced, that high fat diet is harmful and high carb diet is the healthiest. He even came up with some pages which "prove" that. The pages came from a domain with '.gov' by the end.
    Seriously, when people stop being so blind by trusting everything, what comes across as governments suggestion or guideline.
    One look at the statistics and everyone sees the opposite.

  2. I am really enjoying the videos on this channel. Short, to the point and easy to understand. Could you talk about the body possibly becoming acidic on a ketogenic diet and the best way to deal with that?

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