I Highly recommend each and every one of you guys to try this Keto Shepherds Pie casserole, even if you are not Keto dieting or on a ketogenic diet you will enjoy some of these delicious keto recipes just because it tastes amazing. This recipe is very easy and you can easily do meal prep with it and save it for later for a few days in the fridge. If you are not worried about being in ketosis you can also make this with mashed potatoes if you prefer instead of the cauliflower.

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11 Replies to “keto recipes – shepherds pie casserole – ketogenic diet meal prep to stay in ketosis.”

  1. the addition of curry and cumin sounds delicious! i never thought to add those to shepherds pie, im definitely going to give it a try next time! i just uploaded a video of how i make my own keto shepherd's pie. i'd love to to hear what you think!

  2. You gotta remember to include the macros, macros, macros…other then that great video and recipe…on my way to the supermarket will try this for dinner tonight :)

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