Learn how to get rid of stupid stress you can change to be a better you in ketosis.

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17 Replies to “STRESS IS THE BIG REASON why the ketogenic diet does not work for some!”

  1. Your energy works. Your mom did well Stephanie ­čÖé

    I have a control freak, micro manager for a supervisor. Thanks for covering cortisol. And to tie-it-in to all that it's tied into is huge. I get enough cortisol from lifting heavy and need a new job as I just can't get away from my supervisor's incessant BS.

    I eliminated dairy, wheat, and nightshades, limit cardio┬áalready and eat organic whole food. What to do?´╗┐

  2. Cortisol is not the boogyman , cortisol can be indication of a good work out. Layne Norton Phd in nutritional science, explains this well in one of his Vlog, Cortisol is not anabolic but it is associated with anabolism more then other hormones due to having a good work out´╗┐

  3. hi steph i've noted that you said before that ketosis makes your muscles look very lean and cut and striations show, making you look a lot leaner as well as it may look as if you've lost a lot of fat, but it may not show on the scale. i've heard this from others as well. can you explain why this happens? thanks :)´╗┐

  4. Very interesting, Keep discovering, and sharing your knowledge..Your passion for explanation, can motivate the lost souls who desire to change their physicality of self..Through diet, and regimen of planned exercise…Aloha´╗┐

  5. Great video. In my first week of shifting from Paleo to Keto. Also liked how you talked about Melatonin, I've recently been using orange lensed glasses about an hour or two before bed.┬á I also started using a sleep mask, instead of trying to black out my bedroom, my sleep has improved so much.´╗┐

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