Answering what I eat on the LCHF diet for a regular 3-4 pounds/week loss.


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  1. Hey LCHF good video and a question please.. I get the whole Keto low carb diet & I want to lose 10 pounds & am 6'ft 168.. When you start eating all the cheese, high fats, & meat things you describe, what does your daily "Carb gram" limit need to be at the same time because if you eat all the fatty foods you describe here and your carbs are to high, you can gain weight like crazy so I know there is a fine line here… I'm thinking maybe don't go over 50 carbs a day!!!

  2. Too much protein at a single meal was keeping me out of ketosis and preventing weight loss, even with intermediate fasting.  I find it easy to eat a pound of meat at one sitting.  Also we were going to lunch buffets and while I ate very low carb, I would leave feeling sluggish and tired.  Also wasn't getting enough fat.  Now I add butter to my coffee, have a couple of swigs of MCT oil in the morning, and keep my meals much lighter in protein and just fill up on non-starch veg or water.  The weight is dropping off amazingly fast.

  3. with regard to following a LCHF / Ketosis way of eating long term.  we should not eat this way long term,  Balance is the way to go. We should  eat a clean unprocessed diet.  Many followers of HFLC are overweight and unhealthy. All diets are too prescriptive and difficult to follow long term and so eventually most people revert back to a more balanced  way of eating.

  4. Thanks for your vid, i appreciate your simple, straightforward approach to keto dieting.  Sometimes people over complicate  and I get bored with all the scientific data.  Do you exercise, and do you sweeten your coffee and if so with what?

  5. I've been on LCHF for a year. I lost 40 pounds in 5 months. Then I plateaued for 4 months. Then I fell off the wagon and gained 15 pounds in December. Since January I have lost 3 pounds and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong???  I eat a little bit of candy a couple times a week that contains alcohol sugar. My carb count for the last 4 weeks has been under 20. I'm frustrated!!!

  6. I'm a lady but My biceps look like GettnBootedSwarzenegger!! Anyone else made a ton of muscle on this plan?? That might be why my wt. leveled out already.  hmmm? My hubby said omgosh honey look at ur arms!! I threw him over my head LOL just kiddn!.

  7. My recent experience with lchf is as follows: I started out not very heavy at 193 lbs and 5' 10". I wanted lean out and had trouble. I did lchf as a means to achieve an extremely low glycemic diet as I already understood the importance of lowering insulin for fat loss. So far I've lost about 15 lbs since starting about 3 months ago, and with strength increases. I have no cravings midday like most seem to have. I generally do not feel hungry until about 6 hours after breakfast, and the hunger is nothing like the cravings I used to experience (even on a relatively low glycemic diet as I had before). Also, my mood seems to have stabilized. I seem to sleep better, yet I can tolerate sleep deprivation much better (my job often requires it). These effects were expected from purely theoretical considerations, so it's gratifying to have experienced them. My weight has stabilized at around 176 lbs for the last several weeks. However, I have also been emphasizing more resistance training during this time. My weight goal was 170 lbs when I began, so I am nearly there. This will be fairly ripped for my frame and musculature, and especially my age (over 40). BTW, my diet is mainly: bacon, eggs, pork sausage, occasional salads and other greens and/or peppers, occasional fruit (generally blueberries or blackberries with cream, or a small citrus fruit), occasional nuts: pistacio/pecan/almond, full fat cheese. I eat about 1800-2000 calories per day. NO grains and NO refined sugars.

  8. Is chicken breast good?
    Is peanut butter good for the fat?
    I am maybe consuming 2400 calories per day and 36 carbs per day. About 160 protein and 190 fats. Is this good for ketosis? 

  9. Effective weight loss plan? Yes. Effective sustainable long term health? No. Eat your vegetables, be active and stop tricking your body into weight loss. Get healthy!

  10. Angee, I don't have one, but it's a good idea.  Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat (your macros, I'm sure you know) should be roughly 15-20 / 0-5% / 75-80%, calorically and respectively.  Protein and carbs are 4 calories per gram, fat is 9 calories per gram.  An example would be 70 grams protein (280 calories), 20 grams carb (80 calories), 125 grams  fat (1125 calories).  That's 1485 calories and about 18% protein, 5% carb, 76% fat.  No need to be that particular, but no need not to, if you want to get a spreadsheet and diet diary going.

  11. Do you by chance have a video explain the "macros". That part is confusing me a bit. I know a bit about them, but I need to understand it more. Or is there an article you can point me in the direction of?
    Thanks so much.

  12. I have a question —I started this diet and was doing good but one day got real dizzy in walmart and felt weak -on Dr Phinneys video he says to add two cups a day of broth for the sodium lost in adaption phase…….did you have this problem…….I am gonna try it again and add the broth —i was losing good but stopped —

  13. Enchant Tripsa – Most do, but I'll tolerate them if they're 0 carbs (rounded down fraction, I assume) and uncured.  I eat it all, right now, as long as they meet those two criteria.  No favorite.

  14. Good job it's a great way of eating, I have went from 295 to 179 in 1.5 years great keep it up and don't give up you will see it gets easier as time goes by, is my facebook and @low_carb_cabbie is Instagram have u tried Kerrygold butter in ur coffee it helps a lot I have been doing bulletproof coffee for a year now

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