The new Keto/Ketogenic diet is here. Enter Ketosis in 1 hour with Ketopia:

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How long does it take to keto adapt or become keto adapted? As little as 1 hour with KetonX, Ketopia, Ketones.
It’s time to expose the Big Fat Lie! Become a fat burning machine by reaching full Ketosis in just 1 hour! The product designed a the University of South Florida for our own U.S Navy Seals is now available to you as a complete supper fast fat loss system that you can do without every being hungry and full of more energy than you’ve ever had! Introducing Ketopia!

I am excited to tell you about a brand new product that just hit the market that was designed to help Navy Seals get into full Ketosis in 1 hour!! I just ordered this product with the full Ketogenic weight loss system that goes with it. I’m excited to get started and document my journey. I will be doing this while doing bodybuilding workouts seeking a high level of fitness. welcome you to join me!

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More info about this revolutionary fat loss system below:

The product is sold as a three product system including new products,
1). “KetonX Drink”–

2). “Dough Bites” which taste like chocolate chip cookie dough that
you can eat raw or bake, along with already established product

3). FIXX 25KT Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake which has NO soy Protein. NO Gluten, NO GMO’s, NO Artificial Colors or Flavorings, Preservatives or added sugars.

The package also comes with 10 “PeeTopia” Sticks to test your urine before and after drinking the KetonX Drink!

People are losing a pound plus, a day!

The KetonX Drink will put you in Ketosis within one hour!

The Ketopia Plan: Simple!

Note: in the morning
· Breakfast: 1 KetonX Drink Mix with 10-12 oz. water and sip on it over the next 30 min or so.
· Two -three hours later: 1 Dough bite + 16 oz. water
· Three hours later: 1 FIXX shake in 8 oz. of water and ice (optional)
· Three hours later: Sensible meal high in protein and green vegetables.
· All Day: Drink water! You should drink half your body weight in ounces each day.

RETAIL Single Retail 10 Day Reset Pricing: $149



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