Seriously get on the bone broth or the great lakes gelatin to heal your gut, skin, joints, hair



  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I have a question regarding the Collagen Hydrolysate made by Great Lakes. When would you recommend this supplement be taken. The packaging recommends in the morning and before bed. However, I know that excess protein (11g) can convert back into Glucose and i'm not sure if this would occur if I took the supplement before bed, as i would have been consuming protein throughout the day.

    Hopefully you could provide some insight for me.


  2. Thanks for the video Stephanie!! I've used the orange container gelatine (the non hydrolysed), and I just have 2 quick questions about using it if thats ok!: 1) what are the extra benefits of using the hydrolysed one, or is either ok?, and 2) Is there a reason you just add it to cold water? I was making plain gelo cubes by adding warm/boiling water and then cooling (or adding lemon juice for flavour), does that denature it excessively or what do you think? Thanks, really appreciate your opinion 😀 x

  3. been taking 1 rounded(sometimes heaping) tbsp every morning for a couple of weeks now. awesome stuff. i feel it helping with my digestive system more than anything else so far but i'm patient :)

  4. stephanie, i dont know if you already said this on other videos, but is a ketogenic diet essentially a paleo diet? thanks, i agree with everyone you said so far.

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