This Keto Cauliflower Grilled Cheese tastes amazing. Its an easy way to satisfy your bread cravings when on the ketogenic diet with out sacrificing ketosis. I actually think I liked it better than with regular white bread and it was definitely a lot more filling and satisfying than bread. If you guys would like to see more quick keto dinner recipes like these please let me know on the comments below. Hope you guys try it out and enjoy it as much as we did.

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17 Replies to “Keto Cauliflower Grilled Cheese – ketogenic diet quick dinner recipes”

  1. thank you so much for this. I'm craving a hamburger but didn't want to use boring lettuce for bread. now I'm happy and excited to make this. I do a cauliflower pizza crust so I'm ready

  2. With so many people needing to eat low carb meals, you'd think that there would be a huge market for ready prepared low carb food. It's puzzling how all our food is still full of sugars and flour.

  3. I don't mess with all that steaming and wringing out the water. I just sauté (without oil) in a skillet and stir it so it doesn't burn. That evaporates all the water out and cooks it at the same time. It works great! I've never tried to put this in a waffle maker, but I bet it would work.

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