Cholesterol, saturated fat and the ketogenic diet.
jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
Nora Gedgaudas; podcast –

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10 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: Cholesterol.. will all that fat give you a heart attack”

  1. What is you opinion on being able to do long term eco ketogenic diet, if you body makes cholesterol can one be okay not taking from food? Thank you for all your help

  2. First video where you are calm & explaining in understandable way, don't worry about the Camera quality , just focus on the content & how you get your points across without screaming . Love you tho & best of luck

  3. Very well explained. The image of plants and vegetables rotting in the hot hundred degree weather really demonstrates the point. Good job. Thanks for your informational videos.

  4. Hi Stephanie. I just started your KETO protocol in May 2016. I bought your meal plan & recipes. I just had a checkup w/ primary & cardiology doctors. I'm now off blood pressure & diabetic meds. HDL & triglycerides improved. A1C was 4.8. The only fly in the ointment is that my LDL went up. They want me to take statins. I took myself off statins a month ago cause every time I moved I got muscle cramps. The cramps stopped gradually after I stopped the statins. They say I'm high risk cause I'm in my 60s & won't do the LDL particle test unless I have open heart surgery. I don't think I should take statins. I'm in the process of doing stress testing. Guess I'll wait to see what the results are. Love ur videos & advice. TFS. Tere

  5. Hi Stephanie, I've been checking out your videos for about three weeks. I'm struggling to understand the whole "keto lifestyle". I am the skinny fat girl. Is keto right for me? I have not lost weight, but I have not counted macros. I "was" too overwhelmed, but I am ready now. Is the diet right for a skinny fat woman who is 52 yrs old?

  6. What about fat deposits? This is caused by too much fat in the body. This can kill you. This is different from cholesterol. Fat deposit accumulates in the blood stream and can block blood or oxygen to the brain or heart.

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