Ketogenic Diet: Fast Food 2

Part 2 of what I will be making a series, Ketogenic Diet Fast Food. This series will focus on how to adapt your food to stay true to your ketogenic diet when on the go whether it be business travel like myself, or social situations. You don’t have to eat […]

Why You Aren’t Losing Weight On Keto.

The reason why you’re gaining weight or plateauing on keto (it has nothing to do with what you’re eating). Transcript & FREE Mini Guide: || Click “Show More” for resources. Resources… More at: Study Cortisol and Weight Gain: Fat Fueled (regulate weight + hormones): Balanced Keto […]

Your Body On Ketones| What is Ketosis and Keto Diet

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing the ketosis diet as a replacement for medicine or treatment of any illness. For Ketones: For Training: Ketones are naturally occuring in the body when your body depletes from Carb stores known as glucose or Glycogen. For the scientific research: source