How protein shakes can raise insulin blocking keto adaptation on the ketogenic diet:

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9 Replies to “WHY DO PROTEIN SHAKES SUCK: on the ketogenic diet???????”

  1. I watch your videos and I like the fact that you are ketogenic.

    But you are so wrong on protein. Protein shakes do not spike blood sugar. Amino acid shakes have an effect on insulin levels, esp. when coupled with high carb meals. Do you not know the difference?

    If you are properly calorie restricted (meaning if you aren't in a caloric surplus) and if you moderate your dosage (no 80 gram protein shakes here) protein will not remove you from ketosis…but you receive the full benefit of the insulin spike and the amino shuttle to your muscles. 

    As a guy, that is what you want. As a distance runner who also likes to preserve as much muscle mass as possible (for aesthetic reasons), particularly in my legs, this is vital. 

    I don't cheat with my strips either…I'm well hydrated when I use them and I've nutritionally bounced out of ketosis perhaps 5 times in the last year…3 of them on purpose for necessary social excursions.

  2. I am so jealous, such a beautiful day there and here 20F:( Thanks for the de-stressing vid Stephanie:) I love to add coconut Oil To my Grass Fed Protein Shake that is -undenatured. Then I get the great fats back in there haha.

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