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36 Replies to “Why You Aren’t Losing Weight On Keto.”

  1. Is this lady serious??? Cortisol and stress are not going to make you gain weight and overshadow everything you're eating and the calories in those things lmao, you eat too much fat and/or binged out on junk so you gained weight.

  2. You guys just be honest with yourselves. If your diet is right and you are doing what you are supposed to be doing and not sitting on your ass, CORTISOL on its own cannot make you fatter. This has to be the most ridiculous bullshit I ever heard. maybe you can become bloated but stress does not MAKE you gain weight, the food you shove into your pie hole while you're stressed makes you gain weight. Stop fooling yourselves and get real. There isn't any magic pill or majestical answer to your overweight issues. eat right within your calories, drink plenty of water (only) and do exercise according to how many calories you eat or want to eat (quality is better). And if you have a medical issue that interferes with the simple above plan then go see a doctor or health nutritionist, not YouTube.

  3. Wow i am so glad you made this. I have been on keto and losing weight then it just stopped. I have a crazy stressful job and that is exactly what happened to me.

  4. Hello all,

    I wanted to say that I love your approach to dealing with the world, your diet, your health, etc. I've been on the Keto diet since mid-Feb. 2016. So far, I've lost about 25 pounds. But, I have about 90 more pounds to go. I have NOT been working out regularly (yes, I know), I've been eating "right", but I live in a high stress environment. Now that I've seen your video, I do believe that my lack of sleep, and high stress environment have contributed to the stalling of my weight. Any advice you have for me would be beneficial. Things like: how often do you work out? What types of things do you do during that time? And any more important things I need to know.

    Thank you!

  5. This was a perfect video for me to listen to "right now"! So keen on the 'stress leading the pack' hormonal/physiological effects… for myself AND my clients. Sometimes the "magic pill" is the "chill pill"!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi…. I did this for a month and never lost a single ounce…. Could it be because I have under active thyroid plus I have health issues which I have to put up with and I have to pace myself cos my body hurts all the time… I,ve had acupuncture on my head, neck ,shoulders and knees but still the pain is there… Could you please help me to loose just one stone which would I think help my ailments too… Love Lynnie… Love your videos xxx

  7. This. Explains. SO MUCH!! I have bad Adrenal Fatigue and going on Keto makes me feel better but my daily stressors are still insane (3 kids under 8 years old, homeschooling, breastfeeding, keeping house clean, working on bathroom reno's, too many personal and friends' projects on my plate!!)

  8. GUYS, DON'T reinvent the wheel on this issue! Let me sum this up for you simply and quantumly as I've been doing Keto since 2009.

    FIRST: Get the Chronobiology ON POINT. Get to bed earlier, synch cycles to the sun. All fat-loss starts and ends with our circadian rhythms. Mess that up on keto, you're asking for pain and 'keto flu' symptoms. Blue-block at night like no tomorrow. Meaning, get some cheap ass blue-light blocking glasses that block 400nm – 470nm of blue light and wear them religiously in front of tech and after dusk to PRESERVE your melatonin. Melatonin and Cortisol are the Yin/Yang of each other. Cortisol via the sun in the morning IS OPTIMAL if it's balanced via normal sunlight into the eye and UV light is required for a hella-lots of circadian rhythm setting. Get outside for 15+ mins first thing under the morning sun to set circadian rhythms…eat breakfast outside. Don't wear sunglasses in the morning, or you don't balance out cortisol and you don't get a lot of other benefits like dopamine and serotonin.

    SECOND: It's not healthy to do a full-on ketogenic diet in the summer if we are assimilating a ton of sunlight. Better to switch to lower-carb and pulling in some vegetables and low-carb fruits with lycopene that also helps as an internal sunblock (so we can toss the sunscreen altogether). Keto in the summer is not optimal because it targets Cytochrome Complex II of the mitochondria. Yes, do a ketogenic diet full-strength in the winter; it's totally a needed thing, which I'll get to below. More sunlight in the summer means that your body is expecting more activity at Cytochrome I (good carbs when they come into season). If you refuse that, you'll back convert more protein to glucose and probably get lethargic, especially if you eat a larger dinner.

    THIRD: Keto is not as effective for losing fat. Don't view Keto as a weight-loss program, though it does help. View Keto as a great way to get healthy. Instead, if you're looking to shed pounds, get educated on IF that shreds fat much better when fat is lost: while we sleep at night. Care in weaving both of these together (keto+IF). Know your salts and keep your potassium levels higher, they can easily become depleted on Keto if you don't watch out. Lotta shrimp, seafood and squash has a lot of potassium… hydrate more and more; it builds more Exclusion zone water.

    LASTLY: The main issue WHY you probably feel like crap and lethargic is that you NEED to be on a ketogenic diet due to the biophysics of electron-loss around you in your environment via artificial EMF exposures and misusing artificial lighting. RF EMF in particular is now at full saturation in most environments. This all gets down to the leeching of electrons from our food and bodies and promote more inflammation, as pH is a measure of electron-to-proton content in a solution. Additionally, EMFs calcium efflux our cells via the oscillations of the fields. It's again why hydration is so important as it's delivering the electrons back; consider grounding for even more electrons; sleep at ground level; sleep away from ALL ELECTRONIC or even shut down the circuit breaker during your ubiquitin cycles for better regen. This is science that has been around for MANY decades. Mainstream buries it. You have your nuggets here. Now do you own research to find the truth. The takeaway you should be thinking about right now is why is a ketogenic diet beneficial for me? Why do I feel better at times and see gains? Because fats and proteins are electron-dense! Carbs are not and hence why they are being processed with NADH at cytochrome I. We get more health eating keto, but in the right season in particular. Know your daily, monthly and seasonal cycles. Now you know why many intelligent people advocate that a calorie is not a calorie. Learn how the mitochondria works because it drives energy in the body. Don't fall prey to conventional wisdom, learn the actual science.

  9. More stress = more cortisol = higher appetite for junk food and over-eating. I think if people were really gaining weight without stuffing their faces it would be national news. That said, I think I would have ditched the diet back at hair loss.

  10. This was super helpful and encouraging! I was literally getting ready to quit 5 very strict months on keto because i have been gaining fat!!I am miserable but i needed to hear that i need to love my body thru this!! I have been under crazy stress for the last 4 years and more serious stress in the last month. KETO is not making me fat STRESS is. I know that this lifestyle of eating feels right to my body and I really do want to live this way,so thanks for the inspiration to continue this journey.

  11. High, Great video (as always! 😉 )

    Good thing that you know to be more keen about your surroundings to relax. My home is also a tricker for me – looking into minimalism really help on that parameter.

  12. That's my issue…. stress/cortisol. I struggle so much in managing stress and despite deep-breathing and other hacks, stress just seems part of my life – sadly. My wife had an aneurysm rupture in 2009 and is now disabled. Bringing up our son on my own and caring for my wife has basically left me with 24-7 stress.

  13. You're beautiful inside and out!! Thank you so much for sharing this and continuing to dedicate your life to helping others, even when things get tough in your own life, and those you help can be thoughtless enough to comment on your weight. I hadn't noticed any weight gain. You always look amazing!! And you're a caring sweetheart, always handling things in such a positive and polite way, even when others aren't always so polite.

  14. Thank you for your blunt honesty on this subject. One I think people are critical of others especially when you're in front of everyone like you are on social media. Two, as you age I believe you're gonna have to finagle your exercise and diet because your body will always progress to another level or start to respond differently. Three, it's really something to now know how much your environment can affect your body's response to how it functions. I wish I had a natural clinician to help me check all my stats. It's not in my insurance and to pay out of pocket is expensive.

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