WING CHUN and exercise on the ketogenic diet.


17 Replies to “You must exercise to drop fat on the ketogenic diet. & also to kick ass!”

  1. You don't need to exercise to lose fat — you merely need a calorie deficit, which can be achieved simply by eating fewer calories than you expend.  I would never recommend NOT exercising, but it's not necessary to lose weight.  The title of this video is kind of misleading.

  2. Hi Steph. Give it a few months and you will be nailing this. You should take a look at Brazilian juijitsu. Ideal for womens self defence and with your athletism I think you would be very good. Thanks for all the information over the years.

  3. Awesome
    It's all about repetition;repetition and understanding your techniques until it's become second nature.
    Wing Chung is very good style to learn for close quarter combat

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