Ketopia, Pruvit and ketosoy are 3 new products promising you to get into ketosis and lose weight????

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  1. I'm willing to try an exogenous keytone product (money back guarantee) just to see what happens, AND allow me to tell you why…

    In my attempt to follow a ketogenic diet, I ate natural foods that were comprised of an extremely low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. I followed all the scientific keto gurus like: Drs. Phinney, Volek, Attia, Fung and Eenfeldt. I read everything I could get my hands on. I even watched all your youtubes.

    I started out reasonably low-carb and progressively went lower. I used only fresh, quality foods and for over 5 weeks I was never more miserable in my entire life. I was extremely fatigued and depressed and experienced horrific cramping that blew me out of bed in the middle of the night. I could hardly function in my daily activities. When I read on a popular keto blog that it could take as long as several months, and maybe as long as 6 months to become fat adapted, I threw in the proverbial towel. I wasn't willing to be this miserable for another day, let alone several more months. At 40 lbs overweight, I was a hell of a lot happier than I was on this diet. I put up with all these life-draining symptoms because I really wanted to experience all the benefits people were raving about once they were adapted. However, at some point I had to ask myself: why would I torture myself any further, knowing it could be 6 more months of this?

    When I reached out for help I was given all sorts of suggestions, most of them entailing extra supplementation: more fat, less protein, more water, add magnesium, potassium, pantothenic acid, sea salt, extra minerals and the list went on… all of these attempts tweaked my experience a bit, but absolutely nothing restored my energy and mental well-being until I caved, and ate a sweet potato.

    So… THAT, dear Stephanie, is why I am trying an exogenous ketone product. If it doesn't work for me, I was assured a refund. I know many have found a ketogenic diet rewarding, but I also know that I gave it an honest shot and I was never so unhappy and sick, both emotionally and physically, for that length of time, in my entire life. Thx for reading.

  2. Stephanie I have been watching your videos endlessly and I want to follow in your footsteps I want to heal my body from the inside out and I'm so ready to change my lifestyle. I've been doing keto for a year almost but like you say, I've been listening to the regurgitative garbage online from people that think keto includes cheese, nuts, cream yada yada …. I'm fed up. I want to filter out the bullshit and follow REAL ketogenic philosophies. Please tell me where to sign up. I want this so bad and I know you are a truth teller and I will get to where I want to be by following your principles. Get back to me hun, Thank you!

  3. Hi I make my own bone broth now for a week and i do believe that tis is the best way to get all the nutrians in my body for health reasons. From grass fed cows. I also messure my urine with keto sticks. Thanks for your honesty

  4. Hi Stephanie-thank you for your amazing vids! i got a Q- on the weekends ill occasionally have alcohol.I've been on Keto for about 3-6 weeks now, 3 weeks first with whole foods and felt the effects of being in keto, the last 3 weeks i slipped up as i started on some high protein low sugar(between 3.3grams-5.5 grams/100 grams) sweets like sweetened peanut butter and protein bars. these haven't affected me so much, but i have last week had a bit too much alcohol in my diet over the weekend(sugarfree gin with soda and plenty of it). it was a slip up and i take all responsibility for my body and that won't be happening again-however, i was just wondering if i was to up my exercise or use more energy, would this get me into ketosis faster? I apologise in advance if this is a stupid question and thank you once again for all your wonderful advice! M x

  5. I'm into natural body building and have been watching your vids. I heard you mention that you can't "bulk" on a ketosis diet. I'm currently just going into ketosis as I type this comment to lean out some more. I'm considering a keto lifestyle but still want to be able to build muscle. I heard that the golden era body builders would eat very similar to this year round with some high carb days every now and then.

    Do you have any advice for building muscle on a keto eating protocol? What would you recommend?

  6. I've just learned that because I have a sensitivity to glutamine or glutamate and that I should not consume broth or collagen or anything like that…. Any idea what I could eat instead?

  7. I really enjoy listening to you but your wrong about the product. I've been doing keto since March and have really had to be very strict about my diet. The least little infraction kicked me out. Before the product the best numbers I could get was 84 blood glucose and 1.6 ketones unless I was fasting. If I got kicked out it took a week to get back in. I've taken the product for 5 days and today my bg was 74 and bk 3.1. I will use this product to help me get back in ketosis if I get kicked out. I know it's much better to stick with the keto lifestyle but not everyone can do that all the time. 

  8. Love your videos, you convinced me to ditch the whey. It's about finding foods that don't need much prep for me because I work full time and I'm a single father raising a 6 year old daughter. Damn I don't even have time to work out but I just do it anyway.

  9. Those who have gone down the road for health and healing know the truth.  We can only hope they get their share of shit  reviews, well deserved of course.  People will listen to those opinions of others' experiences.  I admit, I don't really know what they're selling, but if it's not in the realm of whole foods, it's bull crap.

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