I am just starting to feel the shift in my body related to my candida overgrowth. I’ve suffered from this for over 15 years or probably more, but only now after almost 6 months into the Ketogenic diet I’m feeling the candida leveling out finally. In this video, I encourage you to be patient with your body while it’s healing and leveling out your bacteria in your gut. The ketogenic diet is not an overnight solution for all your diseases. It is a lifestyle that if you embrace it will rid your body of most all disease. I’m not a doctor nor am I giving you medical advice. I am just sharing with you my personal experience and how I feel today. I hope this helps. Much love.



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17 Replies to “Candida and the Ketogenic Diet. Candida feeds on sugars/carbohydrates. Does it feed on Ketones?”

  1. candida is a eukaryote. not a prokaryote like bacteria so candida has a mitochondria just like we do, which means in theory that they would be able to utililize ketones for fuel. im havent seen it happen under a microscope so i cant tell you if im 100% correct but it makes sense to me that it would be able to.

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  3. High theory: we were all born with candida-cancer, but its a test. the more we settle for sweet foods as treats & glucose energy, the more it also feeds the candida-cancer cells, which bloom and get stronger every time we indulge in sugars, starchy carbs, etc.
     to live long and enjoy life more, must be disciplined and not eat anything that turns into glucose, even too much protein turns into glucose, there's a system of balance that we are rediscovering and reawakening towards the proper way to eat for our bodies' design.

  4. Thank you so much for this video, I love your constant reminder of loving yourself enough to be patient… Brilliant as always.. i would love to see your daily food, vitamins and minerals … Much appreciation always xx

  5. Love learning from you, I adore the way you are. I've been doing keto for 2 month, slow process for me, not much weight loss..but I'm patient an know in the end it will heal me an be worth it..peace n love from Australia x

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