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39 Replies to “Dave Asprey: Problems With Ketosis, Getting Kids to Eat Healthy, and Carb Timing”

  1. I agree, I've tried to be vegetarian and variations of no meat for years, but it didn't help me keep the weight off, the cravings were extreme, and I wasn't healthy overall and had lots of inflammation. A week on ketosis or hi protein, low carb, no sugar, the cravings go away and when you are hungry, its different and more manageable. I was successful on Aitkens in the 70s to 80s, so this is similar, but more informed and zeros in on more beneficial things and what I like is it doesn't promote unhealthy sugar substitutes or low fat. The energy in the mornings is wonderful on bulletproof coffee, as opposed to coffee with regular cream and sugar for example. I agree, no carbs or low carbs, no protein in the early am. You can tank on this way of eating, late in the day, you have to manage it, expect it but its so easy to eat something approved and bounce back again. I have the energy and weight loss without exercising. Yes, no exercise required. I walk a lot in my life though, but I sit all day at work. I've had muscles from all the other years I've worked out, and haven't lost any of that muscle content on my upper body. I've also been able to go off all my supplements, and all my hormone replacements, dhea and all pills of any kind, and I never get sick and my arthritis is gone. I don't have a double chin anymore, I have lost fat from my arse, thighs, arms, only my pot belly is hanging on – but if I never lose another pound I am good with the way I look now. Please note, I am not 100& keto daily, but use the principals as the foundation for my lifestyle/eating habits, I do eat organic dates and prunes, apples and the occasional bananas and Lara Bars. I also intermittent fast, and occasionally carb refeed or carb load per week, depending on how I feel. I do feel like if I were to exercise more, like the treadmill I may feel more hungry and I worry about triggering, so I just keep it cool, Yoga, cycling and walking. BTW I am a a 57 year old woman. I am grateful I figured out that meat proteins (grass fed beef, organic and ethically raised humane animals) nourish the body, while veggies/fruits cleanse the body. For me, this is what I've been looking for. Thanks for the info. It's great info. c

  2. Have been trying the bulletproof diet and definitely like how it's altered my hunger cravings…especially for sweets and carbs. I have, however, really struggled with energy levels when I work out and some sleep problems. I think it's really difficult and important to figure out how many carbs to eat at the end of the day. I have started to up them at night and am trying to find my zone.

    This diet is not easy, but I think it's worth trying and is good science when done correctly.

  3. I have been feeling great at first. now not so much. I am sleeping a lot. I will try some of these things. I have been consuming 25 -30 alot is fiber. I really try to catch all trace carbs and count or avoid. seasonings have trace carbs any recommendations on seasonings

  4. When are you guys going to get it on? all buttered up, licking each others hair and snogging to the stench of your ketosis breath while ramming in some lard?
    All this talk about doing this and that to ones diet is a load of bullshit,. you consume tons of fat have, have grotesque breath and great odds of having a heart attack, Fucking genius!

  5. D. Aspery is on smart drugs and boosting brain circulation with hand-stands and some other theoretical methods maintain performance without less sleep.
    He says things with authority using himself a a one man clinical trial and providing recommendations to others.
    D aspery's methods are a very creative, well-researched, side effect rich, short-term replacement for sleep.
    Instead of working 48 hours straight, just take a week and spread it out.
    All he's doing is performing without sleep while on narcolepsy drugs and writing books about it.
    To me, he comes across as a type A, workaholic, control freak that I'd hate to meet.
    People probably aware that others hate his presence so he just keeps on working to justify not thinking about it.
    We are not meant to "work" all the time.
    His kids may well end up emotionally scarred with a parent like that. He'd want to relax, stop saying "Bullitproof" in front of everything and get a proper nights sleep.

  6. Great video. I must say (can't help myself) that Abel is far too old to use product in his hair. And that flip up is scary… flipping up his bangs like an 8 year-old on the morning of picture day at school. Wtf? Ahahhaha

  7. Coffee and fat for breakfast…. sounds so healthy…. I think I will stick to my 6 banana, spinach flax seed smoothie. I see alot of people in the comments making this sound like torture…. maybe your body is trying to tell you something. Anyone want to try something else that isn't painful and is satisfying and won't leave you feling deprived? Try the Whole foods vegan diet!!!

  8. I have been struggling for 6mos – eating properly….and I GAINED 10lbs. Ten mos ago I was thin, and was in a situation where eating white bread, pasta, rice were the only options I gained 45lbs in 5mos.I have tweaked and tweaked and re-tweaked… I realized hidden carbs in the powder I was using in my coffee. I discontinued using it…which was a very, very difficult compromise for me.  I'm doing my body "a favor" and cannot lose a pound.   This has been very depressing, and discouraging.  9-10yrs ago,  I did Atkins, and stayed pretty much in induction. I lost 35-40lbs in 3mos…and it was fairly EASY. Not at all this time.   What should I do to break this crazy condition?  I'm getting ready to quit.  This takes a lot of effort…I eat differently than my family.  And they're doing well .  I am burnt out from practicing it, thinking about it …reading about it-without seeing even the smallest hint of any results.. I have "The Fat Fast Cookbook", "Keto Clarity", "Protein Power",  "30-day Low-Carb Diet Solution", "The Protein Power Lifeplan" and "Ketgenic DIET Crash Course"-the  last book being the least interesting for me.  I  have learned a lot from each book…My favorite, right now, is "Keto Clarity" by Jimmy Moore….I really am burnt out, and trying to get resolve to "I guess I'll just be overweight. Period".  I keep hearing everyone say how well they did, are doing. Everyone, except me.  I am out of ideas, and tweaking.

  9. No one can sustain a ketosis diet because it is completely unnatural. It is unsustainable and Dave Asprey is a snake oil salesman. He should be ashamed! The crazy part people are buying into his BS. What a scam he has going.

  10. Many people crave carbohydrates — (even junk carbs) when they feel upset, depressed, or tired. Researchers at MIT and other major universities world wide, including here in England have studied this relationship with stress, low mood and carbohydrates for many years and they are convinced that the carbohydrate craving is related to decreases in the feel-good hormone serotonin, which is marked by a decline in mood and concentration. Professor Wurtman  states when you eat carbs, your body makes more serotonin, the feel-good hormone and eating carbs, she says, is an attempt to undo the depressed mood. That is one of the reasons why a diet low in carbohydrates cannot be sustained by most people long term and they will always revert back to a more balanced, non-restrictive dietary approach as this is less stressful to the body and mind.

  11. "Our bodies are lazy!"
    How ignorant… If we have learned nothing it is that our bodies are highly sophisticated and technically designed. If we were meant to burn fat first we would. Ketosis is a back up mechanism for survival. Like a generator that kicks in when you lose power. It's not meant to be our primary source of fuel. It is very hard on the body and not optimal for health and longevity.

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