I just completed an extended fast. I wanted to talk about how it went, my results and 10 things I’ve learned about fasting and myself after doing these fasts.

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5 Replies to “Fasting: Extended Fast #3 – Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Hey Tony, thanks for this. I'm still struggling to get past 24 hours with a fast. I tend to eat more from boredom and routine. I need to get beyond that. I feel a 3 day fast would be so beneficial to me.

    A couple of things before I forget. That cotton mouth you spoke of, I believe that's common the deeper into ketosis you get. I get very cold when I fast, I think it's an evolutionary thing to get us moving and searching for food. Also, many say we need sleep when we fast. Don't really know the reasons behind it, but not processing junk could be part of it.

    When do you plan to do your next one? maybe we can hold each other accountable and start at the same time.

    Good job with 6 days mate!

  2. great job!!!! i love all the info in this video…. just focus on the positive and keep your head up, you are moving in the right direction 😀
    i am here cheering you on everyday!!! shannon w

  3. Good details…real information on how a fast affects us. A nice weight loss as well. Dr. Fung says on average, fat loss will be about 1/2 a pound per day, the remainder could mean that insulin has a larger impact on you than others. I am the same way. The energy seems to be about the same through the fast for me, but up until day 3, i struggle a little. After day 3, it is usually fine. I would like to do a 10 day fast before spring. We will see. Good Job!

  4. 6 days is pretty great! I am trying to get into ketosis, stay there for at least a week, then I am going to try fasting. I do IF at least a few days a week. But, I haven't done a total fast in a while. The 10 things you learned were pretty good! A lot of good information.

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