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**Both varieties of noodles are good. We slightly prefer the tofu variety, but if you’re ordering online the Miracle Noodles are the better deal and they offer a pretty cool variety pack for a good price!

Fat Bomb Pasta | Low Carb Pasta Recipe Video | How to Cook Shirataki Noodles | Keto Meals

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We’ve been wanting to let you guys in on our secret for preparing shirataki noodles for a long time now, and that time has finally come! We got fat bomb pasta on the menu today! This low carb pasta recipe is low carb, moderate protein and super high fat! Perfect for those of you that have trouble getting all your fat in. This is one of our favorite low carb pasta recipes, but we’ll probably have a few more in the future!

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28 Replies to “Fat Bomb Pasta | Low Carb Pasta Recipe Video | How to Cook Shirataki Noodles | Keto Meals”

  1. This was great! And also I really like that you both have one to one with the camera and each take us through a dish, and I of course love when you're both together 🙂

    But thanks, I was a bit intimidated to try and use these.

  2. this was delicious .. I tried it 2 days ago and loved it although it didn't sit well in my stomach lol nevertheless, I bought another bag of noodles today! lol. thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your cooktop. I have one and hardly ever use my electric stove. Also, I'm a big fan of Miracle Noodles and you have indeed hit on the right way to prepare these kinds of noodles. Well done.

  4. I will definitely have to look and see if I can find those noodles…that looked so good! Do you like the induction burner better then your regular cook top that you have? I imagine you bought for convenience for filming but wondered if they were worth the hype. Also where did you find those noodles in you grocery store. what dept I should say? Great video!

  5. I'm new to the keto diet and finding yalls videos very helpful so far. Do you have any videos talking about the different kind of sugars and what's good/ what we should look out for?

  6. Can you do a recipe/how to dark chocolate covered espresso beans? Sounds so yummy and probably easy to do, but I am not very adventurous or creative. Thanks for all your videos.

  7. 1. Have you tried the Shirataki Rice and is it good for a rice substitute? 2. Wish you guys would look into substitutes for cruciferous vegetables including cauliflower for those of us who have an intolerance. 3. I thought tofu was a no-no on keto.

  8. I Love this 100℅ except I HAVE to rinse my noodles under running water for like 5 mins to get rid of that awful smell first. (for myself) Everything else though is right on point Love it, Thanks

  9. Another bomb looking recipe! Pun intended. Would love to see like your top 5 dairy-free meals, or a whole day of dairy-free goodness. I find myself relying on dairy way too much and I know you guys would come up with something awesome!

  10. I often use zucchini when making a pasta type dish but believe these noodles (recipe) would lend better, to that 'stick to your ribs' kinda meal I like so much this time of year. Top Notch as Always… Thank You!

    Not sure if you'd be into it or not but I'd be interested to see the Keto Connect take on a reuben sandwich /casserole.

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