Intermittent fasting is a tool for weight loss and body composition changes – it’s not a magic wand, but it is a useful tool. Here are some thoughts and stories about High-carb vs. Low-carb Ketogenic in the context of Intermittent Fasting. If you’ve been using IF (intermittent fasting) and enjoy it, you are already getting into mild ketosis occasionally – why not give full keto a try? I enjoyed IF in a carb based diet but found the benefits of keto gave me all the perks of Intermittent Fasting in an exponentially more enjoyable and beneficial way.


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  1. they said internment fasting increase growth hormon ….

    this is true !!!

    i did for one month with "sprint" workout my hair grow faster and when i get cut in my skin it recover faster ! even when i get hurt on my leg bones when i sprint more…my legs recover faster then usual !!!!!! and even my sex drive has been increase cause fasting increase androgens !!!

  2. ok im doing 6 hours of food, 18 hours no food, ok you say i can drink water,, grrrrr but it makes me want to eat when i drink water……. why is that..
    1800 cal .. 158g of fat 88g of protein, little to no carbs

  3. I actually was doing intermittent fasting first…had to build up to longer fasting on carb diet…. found keto in February and it really made it so much easier to extend intermittent to 14 hrs. feel so much better on both. I don't carb though as I don't want to jump back and forth between insulins and ketos…

  4. I did ketogenic for a little over 2 years. Stayed around 20-30 net carbs (carbs minus fiber) every day consistently. It was the best I have ever felt in my life. The mental clarity is phenomenal, no way to describe it. I had so much energy throughout the day, and was able to sleep well at night and wake up feeling completely rested. I also had a general positive attitude and outlook on everything. No glucose crashes, no emotional hunger shenanigans. I lost 60 lbs of excess body fat which I have managed to keep the majority off despite being off keto for about a year now. Lately I have been struggling to get back into ketosis – that 3 day mark has been an unsurmountable mountain for me this time around. I enjoyed the information you shared about intermittent fasting. I think I am going to try a form of this to get back into full-blown ketosis. I would absolutely recommend a ketogenic diet to anyone try to lose excess weight or who is looking to improve their quality of life by diet.

  5. Can I do keto and IFasting, since when I am fasted the Ketosticks shown that I am hardley in Ketosis and after I eat Keto , the keto sticks shown I am in deep Ketosis, while fasted I have some to small Ketons…thanks +PrimalEdgeHealth

  6. low carb works. Anybody who tells you different doesn't know jack shit about the human body and they don't give a fuck if they give you misinformation and make you unhealthy.

  7. Love your videos, mate. I heard about ketosis and intermittent fasting the week before Halloween. Found your videos on ketosis and they really helped me understand it more to make it really work. Since November I've gone from 106kg to 89kg (233lbs down to 196lbs), with rather minimal exercise – truly shows the tremendous importance of diet over exercise, which I wasn't quite so aware of a while back.

    Now, my body type is rather large anyway so I'm naturally heavy – when I was 14 back in summer of 2012 I decided to go to the gym as I was 98.5kg (217lbs – pretty damned fat at that point, especially for a 14 year-old) and by Christmas I was pretty lean and rather muscular at 80kg, but the problem started after the New Year where I damaged my chest muscles and knees – I guess we all have to learn from our own mistakes not to over-stress ourselves, better to learn sooner than later though. Anyway, that weight piled on over two years as I got ridiculously lazy.

    Now, this Halloween I've got to 89kg and am looking, along with feeling (which is the most important part), a lot better. Ketosis, as you've said before, is no magical condition by any means, but it surely is a great tool for some people, including myself. I still have yet to get back into strength training, but I'm definitely looking forward to it and know not to over-do it like I did before.

    Again, huge appreciation for these videos – they've helped me a lot in getting back into healthy living, so keep up the good work :D

  8. If you were to fast for 3 straight days with MCT before starting a keto diet would that help you get into ketosis faster? I know you'll probably recommend not fasting but I just want to know what the effect of it will be.

    Also how would your body react if you did a 100% fat meal for 1 day out of the week. Something like eating only butter, peanut butter and mayo for a day. Not saying I want to do it, just curious about what would happen.

  9. I'm having trouble understanding the math of the keto diet. I hear two numbers from keto youtubers
    1) You can't eat more than 50 grams of carbs or you risk being pushed out of ketosis
    2) Carbs should make no more than 5% of your daily intake.
    If you were to combine both statements you would get this:
    50 gram is equal to 5% then 800 grams of fat = 80% of your daily intake. That 800g comes out to be over 7,200 calories.

    My question is which is the more accurate one? Do I keep myself under 50 grams no matter what and consume much less fat so that the percentage is more like 25% carbs and 60% fat, the calories from fat come out to be a more reasonable 1440 calories or the second option in which carbs will always be 5% of the diet which means eating a lot…a ton of fat.

  10. hey man big fan of your whole life style and your family it's a dream of mine to have a family such as yours; my question is though i do extremely low fat throughout the week (i am a bodybuilders coming off a herniated disc after a year out of the gym now back but fatter and weaker) and then start of my training cycle i have a refeed day but i also have a 22 hr fasting window during the week would it be pointless to have a fasting day after my refeed day?

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