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April 21, 2011 CNN


3 Replies to “Superdrug Bacon – Ketogenic Diet Leaves 30% of Epilepsy Patients Seizure-Free”

  1. I'm working with a company called Prüvit.

    Prüvit has released to the public the world's first exogenous ketone supplement that introduces therapeutic levels of ketones into the body within the first hour of consumption.

    Our product is patent pending by the University of South Florida, and approved and represented by ketogenic experts and doctors.

    I would be delighted to place some information in the hands of anyone that is interested in getting the body into ketosis for the benefit of helping with things like these.

    The results can be seen on a ketogenic test strip with theraputic levels of ketones in the system within one to 3 days depending on the body and person.

    We also have a ketogenic support group available in helping assist you in your journey.

    Feel free to contact me so that I can put some information in your hands!!

    My prayers are with everyone!!

    Feel free to check out the site, or email me for more info.

    [email protected] 

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