First off, my heart is SO full from all of your kind comments, thank you so much!

I hope you all enjoy this 10 day series! Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it and let me know if there are any topics you want me to cover!

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  1. Both my husband and son are allergic to dairy and they prefer coconut milk beverage and coconut oil as a dairy replacement. Coconut oil has lots of great benefits too… Definitely look into it. They also like Daiya brand "cheese" products that are dairy free. Avoid soy products as it can mimic estrogen in your body and cause more problems with PCOS.

    I have had PCOS since I was 13 years (I'm 40 now) and have had cysts burst 3 times. It's miserably painful, so I hope you can avoid that… In my experience eating low carb is much more effective than any meds I've tried. I've tried both birth control and metformin and both messed me up big time… Sounds like you're on the right track!

  2. Hey Kat 🙂 I joined your fb group but it is still pending. Also, can you share the Keto smoothie that has the pb powder and Hershey chocolate powder recipe? I couldn't find the video I seen it in 🙁 my first try at it was an epic fail!!

  3. Your videos are so awesome! I love this series because I get to wake up to a new video everyday (Starting the day off good!) You are strong and will get through these struggles. Having the positive attitude you have is really inspiring to others. You've got my support! Keep it up :D

  4. I do know keto is the advised eating plan for those with PCOS because of the insulin resistance. Another thing to consider is that BCAA's increase insulin production… Therefore, you might want to speak with your endocrinologist about whether or not you should continue them.

  5. Try nutritional yeast as a cheese substitute it is full of B vitamins and has a cheesy taste. Also where did you get those cheese crisp here in Baytown? I went to the huge krogers on Garth yesterday but couldn't find them?

  6. it will help i promise!!! especially the water. but take it continually not prn. the water will come off. Keto has helped so much with my thyroid and pcos, and endometriosis pain in general. i want to try cutting out some dairy too i think that would help tremendously. i'm with you girl! #sistas

  7. Hello. I have heard that Grass Fed Gourmet's Cocoghee is really tasty. They have quite a few yummy sounding flavors. They are a kind of pricey, but I'm thinking of ordering their Chocolate Peppermint and Rosemary Garlic flavors.

  8. Hi Kat! I am trying to limit dairy as well as i am just not loosing weight, or am losing sooo slow! To replace hwc in my coffee, I have been using unsweetened coconut cream in my coffee. It comes in a can and I get mine at trader joe's. It doesnt taste great on its own I dont think but not bad when mixed in coffee. Love your videos!

  9. Great video! It's not going to be easy cutting out cheese it's very addicting. Keto diet is all about controlling insulin levels and cheese/dairy spikes insulin. Reason: lactose is a sugar! The only real replacement is almond milk and some hard cheeses are ok in moderation. Also up your fresh raw veggies Like on your baconator add lettuce:tomato next time! Love ya and GoodLuck <3

  10. Butter should be ok, even if you're limiting dairy, since most people are sensitive to either lactose(sugar) or the casein, or other proteins in dairy. Butter, especially grass-fed like Kerrygold brand, is mostly good fat, so it's pretty healthy for us keto-ers/PCOS-ers. Try just the plain Bulletproof coffee (it doesn't have to be Bulletproof coffee brand) blended with butter, it'll hit the spot for your caffeine needs and you don't need to include dairy. Anywhere else you're currently using dairy, just try leaving it out, and don't replace it with almond milk, as that usually has too many carbs. Hope this helps.

  11. You can do it! Its a struggle but as you go and learn more about pcos and get your new normal it will all work out in the end! Hang in there. Enjoy your first day back at college.

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