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24 Replies to “Cardio Confessions 77–The Keto Diet and Why it is Whack!”

  1. i watch all your videos here and on the tiger fitness channel love the content always enjoy hearing your opinions on different topics.. but i have to say i accidentally clicked on closed caption on this video that was probably the funniest thing i have read because for the most part it was nowhere near what you were saying.

  2. I don't know if Marc says everything I like to hear or if I follow most of the advice Marc gives before I watch the video, but I take my eating habits very seriously and I measure my food out as well.

  3. Whats up man I know you hear that the keto diet is bad for long periods for sure, but have you heard of Keto//os that is helpful for the dual fuel to run on carbs and ketones at the same time! Just throwing that out there if you have heard of it before ?

  4. Problem with keto to me and this is just me…you get almost no vegetables and no fruit. I mean one banana would blow your carbs for the day. That just makes no sense to me in the grand scheme of lifelong healthy living.

  5. Heya, I just have to share this because I spent endless years switching from diet to diet without any success until I came across Dianas magic plan (google it). Without doubt its the most weight loss that I have ever had and I am still trim to this day.

  6. "I live every moment of my life to make sure you have all you need to reach your health and physique goals" Marc, you're the man. This is why I bought some MTS. Hoping that it is what you say it is. (pure and healthy) if not, then shame on you.
    I do believe you and I am a big fan. Especially if your protein is what you say it is. thank you

  7. Bro do you shout like that when your at home just chilling out, how does your wife put up with you, you need to adjust your volume, every vid you shout, a day spent with you I'd be wondering where your mute button is……………….

  8. I don't get why people on here are fighting for their keto lifestyle. It's not healthy to stay in ANY diet forever. I actually like keto and I'm trying it now but i won't be eating just fat and a tad protein for the rest of my life. The whole point is it's supposed to help you get to where you want and then you should go back to a healthy lifestyle. I'm not gonna stay in ketosis and strain my organs forever. It's dumb.
    I'm gonna cut the weight i need then work out a healthy balanced diet. Just because some people are fitness freaks and decide to stay on a particular diet forever is to me a waste of life.

    I want keto to help me get fit and in better shape then i will bulk again and maintain my weight by eating healthy foods regardless of whether they are zero carb or zero fat etc. What this guy says is right. A healthy lifestyle of a particular diet lifestyle that's difficult to maintain forever is the way to go. Doesn't mean you cant do ANY diet for a few months to sort your out and help you get back on track.
    I'm still gonna eat the odd bit of junk food when I'm off keto and I'm still gonna have sugar in drinks when I'm in a bar or something, but if I'm in shape I'll be of the mind to work it off and MAINTAIN my health which is what a lot of people don't when they choose not to exercise and eat shit everyday.

  9. In summary, if you are natural keto diets (like CKD) are incredibly effective, if you are on gear, your total caloric intake is so high you won't need to try keto.

    I like you overall Marc, but this video is pretty stupid. Keto can be a lifestyle, not a diet. I live a "keto lifestyle", because I have more energy, basically no hunger/cravings, and never need to count calories anymore. I sure as hell don't miss the days of logging everything I ate and using a food scale. I just feel better in ketosis, and have no problem making this a lifestyle, not a diet.

    I can agree with you on that 100% brother! Lifestyle>diet

  10. People he stated his opinion on social media. That's cool but just like most of you I am an 8 month keto dieter and love it. Went from 240 to 190. Blood sugar stay in the 80 range and love the way I look. Remember he was a steroid user too so those who bulked and cut naturally ought to give props to themselves. Peace Tiger Fitness but I am 100% Keto

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