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  1. I do 3 RAW eggs + 2 tbs of RAW cream + 1 tbs of RAW coconut cream + dash of vanilla + half tsp of Raw honey + cup of RAW whole milk / all blended …every day in the morning after work out .
    Cooked protein is not healthy .

  2. Well if you have ever herd of Penn Gillett from Penn and Teller he lost a lot of weight 100 lbs.  I had hoped that it was ketogenic but it was just the opposite with the help of a Gastric Sleeve.  Now the point I am trying to make is that how he started his weight loss journey.  His first two weeks he ate one food.  Potato.  He said it could have been anything but this is all you eat.  Nothing else.  He said it resets your metabolism and taste buds.  He did loose a lot of weight in the first couple of weeks.  So The egg fast could possibly have the same effect.  I don't know.

  3. gr8 to see you doing it n experimenting for people…..
    sorry about your friends loss….
    over all i loved it… i m going to follow u n subscribe you channel..
    thanks a ton…
    keep it going.

  4. Hey Lauri thanks for the time and vid!  Do you ever monitor you glucose and/or ketone levels?  If so can you describe how and how often.  Results would be nice too!  Thanks again

  5. Just joined your channel Felic. I have a family reunion coming up soon and I need a jump start from Atkins. Thank you for sharing! I will do the egg fast, but try some things a little different based on your experience.

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