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The Keto Diet Cookbooks Reviewed:
Sweet & Savory Fat Bombs – Martina Slajerova –
Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking – Maria Emmerich –
The Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet Cookbook – Amanda C Hughes –

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3 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Cookbooks – Low Carb Book Reviews”

  1. Hi! Is it Charlene? Jolene? I'm sorry I didn't catch your name correctly. I'm loving your personality and your videos. I'm also a mom, I have two girls (8 and 2). I tried keto for 5 days but I had to go back to eating more carbs because my heart palpitations were scaring me! I hardly hear anyone talking about experiencing this symptom….I want to try again maybe now not so cold turkey. Nice to meet you! Laia

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