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7 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Week 17 Update and Weigh In | Low Carb | Weight Loss | Keto”

  1. Congrats on your weight loss! you look awesome! I did low carb/ keto a few years ago and i lost over 60lbs in like 8 months, but then life kinda got in the way, So im planning on going back and keto and changing my eating habits and lifestyle to be healthy for good.  Im really happy I found your channel you're very inspiring! I just have one question (and im sorry if this has been asked before) but do you workout as well as eat keto?

  2. Great job on your weekly loss and super great job on the total loss so far. I'm on week one of Keto myself, and going to be posting my first video this week with results. Super nervous as I'm new to all this youtube and social media stuff (I know right…) Also sending MASSIVE Mother's Day wishes to you and all USA moms.  Here in the UK, we've already celebrated Mother's Day on 15th March. You're an inspiration to me and have given me the courage to not only start KETO but also start my own vlog… hopefully you will join me on my weight loss journey. All the very best, Katie xx

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