HOW TO KETO ADAPT & How to get in more fat on the ketogenic diet!

jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
Nora Gedgaudas; podcast –


8 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: Why high fat is so important to keto adapt!”

  1. You explained this really well, thanks for staying on point. I cook everything in coconut oil then put hemp, olive oil on the food after its cooked and eat fat bombs everyday. Loven this lifestyle change (3 months now) and loven your vids.

  2. 2:43 strongly agree that the body's gut/mind & digestion system is like a car's engine & fuel injection system.
    the most optimal energy generating source is clean premium oil – fats – ketones vs sugar in the tank leaves you sluggish & stuck.

  3. Well, what do you think about carbs with hashimoto? I've been trying to get into ketosis for over a month, lets say that my body felt a lot more better, i had more energy and of course I was getting much helathier. After couple of weeks, again, I felt awful – no energy, depression and so on. I've heard that with autoimmunologocal diseases you cannot eat to little carbs. So I added baked sweet potatoe, but only after my workouts (I think I will be changing it with other high carbs veggies or fruits). What do you think, is it a good idea to eat one meal with carbs? Am I still be on ketosis and getting benefits from it?

  4. I forgot to mention that, although my primary focus is to heal my body of years of damage from bad food and alcohol, I eventually would like to go down to about 185-190lbs. so, in grams, how many amounts of each macronutrient would i need daily?

  5. Stephanie, I really like what you are doing here. Good work on informing the public. Your videos go in depth and that is very important to stay on the right path.

    I am 29 years old and my weight varies from 204-208lbs during each week, but is more often 205. I have been doing Insanity Max: 30, a HIIT workout which you probably already know about, and havd also been eating a high fat/very low carb diet for 6 weeks and my weight has gone up from 202 to the aforementioned. What I really want to know is what would be the ideal amount of each macro for someone of my age, size and level of activity?

  6. When i went paleo i use to google things like "why am i still tired on paleo"? Keto lurked around in the search hanging from the internet cobwebs. I clicked and it opened my world. I scoured the internet for everything that is carb knowledge, and how sugar effects the body. Now I'm lazy and just wait for step's next video or periscope maybe just a hint of research when i need more detail. Thanks for the BIZNESS!

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